How Nec Phone System Can Benefit Your Hotel Bussiness?

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Just like the comfortable beds, beautiful infrastructure, and delicious food,  phone systems are an integral part of hotels. Perhaps, this is the main reason most hotels no longer prefer to use traditional phone lines for business communication.

By using voice over internet protocol technology integrated with phones, hotels are now able to share a more comfortable experience with the guests and customers. The NEC Business Phone Systems are feature-rich, highly reliable, and cost-efficient.  In this post, we are going to take a closer look at how VOIP systems can deliver greater value to the hotel business and improve the customer experience while compared to the traditional phone lines.

4 ways VOIP telephone system can benefit your hotel:

1. Lower Cost

Traditional telephone lines often require constant maintenance, high repair costs, and calling fees. Fortunately, VOIP can help hotels to reduce their communication cost without compromising the calling quality or phone efficiency. Installing the VOIP phone is highly cost-effective as compared to the traditional phone lines.

Most of the VOIP solutions offer zero to minimal upfront calls, lower calling rates per minute, for unlimited calling. The monthly subscription plans are more affordable than a traditional landline. So, if you haven’t installed the VOIP phone line for your business, it’s time for you to install it now.

2. Maximize the reservations and bookings

VOIP phone systems come with an array of features that allow the hotels to make sure that every call is being answered with minimal waiting time.  Whether a user wants to inquire about a room or make a booking, a hotel can effectively handle all the queries of customers with the help of features offered by VOIP NEC phone systems.

When you install a VOIP phone system for your hotel, you get access to features like auto-attendant (which helps to route calls to the right department), you can set customized messaging or music tone for the calls on hold (this helps keep the customer entertained),

Click to call (the feature allows customers to call the hotel with the click on the link from an email or website), find me/ follow me feature that connects the customer to a specific hotel staff they are looking for, and more. All the features can help you to share a better guest experience with the customers that directly contributes to the maximized business outcomes.

3. Personalized customer service

Another perk of using the VOIP systems in hotels is that you can integrate them with other tools you are using. For example; you can integrate the VOIP phone with CRM to record and manage the data of customers efficiently. This Integration can help the hotels to identify and address the specific requirements of their customer accordingly.

By integrating the hotel CRM system with VOIP, all the relevant information about the customer can be easily accessed by the other team members to offer more personalized customer services. This will help you to build a strong brand identity and promote customer loyalty.

4. Keep track of campaigns

If you are looking forward to launching new offers and promos for the hotel, you can use the virtual number to specifically address that particular campaign. These numbers can be published across multiple channels like emails, websites, print ads, and more to attract visitors.

The best thing about using virtual numbers is that hotels can easily evaluate the performance of their campaign by tracking the calls, and identifying how well the people are responding to the campaigns.

So these are some wonderful features that come with Nortel Networks Phone System and can help you to add value to your business. So, if you are all set to improve your hospitality experience, install the VOIP for your business today and streamline all the communication. VOIP not only helps to improve the customer experience with the hotel but also promotes customer loyalty and business productivity.

5. Adaptability and Scalability

One of the incredible advantages of utilizing an NEC telephone framework for your business is that you have the alternative to scale your telephone framework as indicated by the development of your organization. Rather than buying telephones in packs, NEC permits you to buy them each in turn.

Making it simpler for you to oversee the development and not need to stress over paying for lines you don’t need. For instance, in the event that you added 5 new telephones to your framework. You may have to buy another station cutting edge which can cost upwards of $1000. With NEC you just need to buy a permit for each telephone line at $30 and add the new telephone.

6. Blended Architecture

NEC phone systems are unique in that they can simultaneously run digital and IP communications. This feature is not available from competitors such as Cisco. It is expensive to hardwire a whole building. The cost of a traditional hardwired system can be reduced by the ability to mix and match hardwire and IP.

7. Reduce your costs

NEC phones are generally cheaper than the rest. NEC offers a phone that is as affordable as the service it provides. This allows you to reduce your business expenses while maintaining high productivity and effectiveness.

Get VOIP  for your business today, and Boost Your Business productivity in no time!

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