How To Get ACNH Bells, Nook Miles & DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Everyone has their own priorities in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Some people choose to catching fish and bugs and selling them to in order to earn ACNH bells. Some people choose another way. Here at this guide we share the some tips and tricks for you to start your Animal Crossing Island.


ACNH Guide – How To Get ACNH Bells, Nook Miles & DIY Recipes

In the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizon, try to start collecting ACNH bells and nook miles as much as possible. Bells are going to allow you to acquire furniture more easily. Not only nook miles are going to be important for unlocking terraforming getting the permissions, but also also going to pay off your first loan.


ACNH Nook Miles

The easy way to get started with that is go around and pick up all your weeds in order to finish greedy weeder achievement. If you sell them to the nook twins, you end up getting a considerable number of nook miles. The more achievement you complete, the more nook miles you will get That’s definitely an easy way to occupy yourself on the first day since you can’t really do designing.


ACNH Bells

On the point of ACNH bells a really important tip for you is to refrain from selling your fruit on your island to the nook twins. The quickest way to get animal crossing bells faster is selling your fruit more efficiently. You can get considerably more money selling your native ACNH flowers & fruit on an island that doesn’t have the same native fruit and vice versa. If you find fruit that isn’t native to your island, you’ll get a lot more bells for it. Selling it at your nooks cranny or to the twins in the beginning.


If you’ve been talking to tom nook and your villagers, you should have a shovel by the second day in the game. You can dig up this little glowing spot in the ground, just by digging you’ll get 1000 bells. But if you re-bury those bells instead of covering up. The hole that you’ve dug it’ll produce a tree that triples your profits. It’ll drop 3 1000 bell bags, this stands true for up to 10000 bell bags. If you bury a bag worth ten thousand bells the tree will grow three of those bags thus turning your ten thousand bells into thirty thousand.


ACNH DIY Recipes

In the beginning, finding DIY Recipe for ACNH items is going to be one of your priorities. So that you can start building things and every day you’re going to find one of little bottles on the beach. You’re going to want to pick that up and see what diy repcipe it is. Eventually, you’ll start getting a lot of duplicates. Every single one is new and it’s also interesting for you to see which villager they’re from. Make sure you’re paying attention and collecting them every day because they’re going to be very important.


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