Healthy pregnancy – Dos and don’ts

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Healthy pregnancy – Dos and don’ts


With the joy of pregnancy comes the responsibility of parenthood. Your duties as parents are likely to start way before you welcome your child in this world. You are expected to take responsibility for nurturing your little one right from conception and throughout the pregnancy. In this article, you will find a brief guide about on the do’s and don’ts of a healthy pregnancy.

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The Do’s of pregnancy

Following are some measures that you should implement in your routine to achieve a healthy pregnancy and childbirth:

  1. Take prenatal vitamins – Through the course of pregnancy, your body will undergo tremendous changes. It is evident that you would need to support your body during these physical, emotional, mental and hormonal transitions. While a well-balanced diet is crucial for necessary nutrient intake, it may not be sufficient at all times. Prenatal vitamin supplements are a great source of compensating for the lost or missed nutrients. They also have higher levels of specific components such as folic acid, calcium and iron which are required in substantial amount by the expecting mother.
  1. Rest as much as you can – On the outside, your baby bump will grow gradually but on the inside, your body is altering largely every second. It is important to give enough rest to yourself during this process. Do not engage in extraneous activities and get plenty of sleep.
  1. Exercise moderately – A good workout is just as important as getting rest. You would need to maintain a healthy body weight during pregnancy. Excessive body weight and a complete lack of physical activity can cause pregnancy complications.
  1. Add fish to your diet – Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3, zinc and iron are essential nutrients for women in their pregnancy.
  1. Get vaccination – It is important to safeguard yourself in order to protect your child during pregnancy. An expecting mother is advised to get routine screenings and vaccine shots to stay clear of seasonal viruses and flu.

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The don’ts of pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is a product of carefulness. While you should follow the above-given tips and take your doctor’s advise, here are some habits you should absolutely avoid:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol – When it comes to pregnancy, there is no safe limit to having alcohol. It is best if you completely avoid drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. Alcohol in pregnancy can lead to a wide range of delivery risks and birth defects.
  1. Do not smoke – Smoking is an unhealthy activity for anyone. It had additional harm for pregnant women as smoking can cause birth defects and prematurely delivery.

      3. Restrict your caffeine intake – As an expectant mother, you may want to limit the consumption of tea and coffee. Caffeine can increase the                fetal heart rate causing health complications in your unborn child.

  1. Say no to unpasturerised dairy – Dairy products take up a special place in the diet plan of a pregnant woman. However, you should be careful not to consume unpastuerised dairy such as milk. Such products have a large quantity of bacteria that can negatively impact your health and even lead to miscarriage or other fatal illnesses.
  1. Avoid eating raw meat and other foods – You can contract foodborne illnesses from raw food products such as meat. Contaminated food can lead to several health problems in woman who are expecting. You should ensure to eat only properly cooked food that has been cleaned in prior.

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