What hormone causes hair loss in females?

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What hormone causes hair loss in females?

hair loss in females?

Hair fall is a very common problem for most individuals. It can make you feel self-conscious or insecure about yourself. There are many options for the best hair treatment for women or men in the market.

However, it is not necessary all the time. There are some signs of hair fall, which will tell you whether you need hair treatment for women or not.

Losing a certain amount of hair on a regular basis is natural. It is exactly like the skin, which sheds itself and makes a new layer every few days.

Likewise, the hair dies, falls, and makes a place for new baby hairs to grow. Thus, a regular and limited amount of hair fall doesn’t need any hair treatment for women.

Given below are the main causes of hair fall, which is hormonal in females. Here, you will get an elaborate idea about which hormones mainly cause hair fall in women and how to control them.

  • Can Hormonal hair fall cause alopecia?

The answer is yes; hormonal hair fall can cause alopecia. Scientists have recently discovered Androgenetic alopecia, and the main reason for this is a hormone named DTH or Dihydrotestosterone. Hormones are the main reason among other types of alopecia too.

Genetics also plays a crucial role in hair problems. If you have a close relative with alopecia, then chances are higher that you will get it too.

To prevent it, you can consult the doctor as soon as you see any signs of alopecia. Medications or hair treatments for women can improve the symptoms and give you relief.

  • Which hormones cause hair fall in maximum women?

Many hormones can be responsible for hair fall in women. As we mentioned, Dihydrotestosterone is one of them. DTH is a derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone.

This hormone is mainly common in men, but women also have a trace of it which is enough to cause hair fall. Other than DTH, thyroid hormone and physical changes in women can also trigger hair fall.

Moreover, women go through too many physical changes during their life. For example, period, pregnancy, menopause, or other health conditions related to women. These all are responsible for hormonal imbalance, which triggers hair fall.

Those hormones mostly don’t cause alopecia but overall thinning of hair. That’s why alopecia or bald spots are more common in men than women. It is controllable with a good lifestyle and hair treatment for women.

  • How can we prevent hormonal hair fall?

We admit that hormonal hair fall is one of the toughest kinds of hair fall to cure. In order to reduce it, you need to keep your hormonal imbalance in control.

There are many hair treatments for women which can control hormonal hair fall. However, there are a few traits you need to follow to make it stable and lasting.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet
  2. Exercising daily
  3. Basic hair care


Hair is a major part of our beauty. Thus, hair fall can be very frustrating. However, with the advancement of science, you will be able to find many hair treatments for women or men.  Make a regular maintenance routine and follow it to keep your hair healthy. You should seek medical help if hair fall reaches an extreme level.


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