Are you a budding web designer? Follow these simple guidelines to grow on Instagram 

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Instagram today has more than one billion users on its platform. More than six million users connect with the outlet every month. With selfies and videos and pictures, Instagram is slowly taking the place of other social networking sites. It has become the best-performing social media platform open to all for free. It is not only used for personal purposes but also business requirements. However, when you are working on Instagram, you have to develop a unique approach. Since it is open to all, it also adds to the competition. For maximizing your visibility and drawing traffic to the site, you require some guidelines and tips. It will help you convert the visitors into loyal clients.

These days’ web designing firms are taking to the Instagram platform to promote their business. However, there are certain fundamental aspects you have to look into before you create your profile on this platform. For grabbing customers, you have to research the market. Only then can you understand the necessities of the industry. When you are using Instagram for your entrepreneurial activities, try to grab the tools which it provides. It will help you in building the sales pipeline and impact your influencers. 

Since various Instagramers are more into blogging and publicity, it is difficult to identify the best means of promoting a business. From lifestyle to personal use to fitness, there are different genres on this platform. Hence, for a web designing firm to work best on Instagram, you have to do your extra bit.

When posting pictures, pay attention to the dimension and feel

Instagram is generally a photo-driven platform. Pictures and videos are the central players over here. Hence, when you are using images, ensure that they are ideally suited to your target community. Photos must transcend to language to get real Instagram comments. For grabbing extended attention, you have to post pictures of high-quality. Here the images take to the center stage. Hence, clicking any picture and posting anything that you like will not do the job.

Before you post a picture, see to it that every aspect of the image speaks of quality. The profile picture is the most important one in this regard. Apart from the bio, you have to ensure that your profile picture stands out. Ensure that the call to action is understandable and easily accessible by the clients. You may also add links to the stories so that you draw your followers to your brand. By responding to their questions and doubts, you can grab a loyal follower base.

Instagram has become a prominent shopping destination 

When you use “shopping on Instagram,” it allows you to link the products with the account directly. It is a new feature that fits with digital products and selling services. If you are selling products and services, it is a reliable way of featuring them and driving traffic. For this, you require a step-by-step guide for setting up the shopping on Instagram:

You must have physical goods, and your business needs a proper location.

You have to work on your business profile and have a business page on different social media outlets.

Try to link your Instagram account with other social media outlets to get a huge follower base.

The missing link also makes an impact

In case you have limited followers, and you are selling digital goods and services. A limited link does not give you access to different tools, which you may use for creating a business vision. You have to establish a web page that performs the role of a directory of additional links. Forming the hub of links is a valuable resource for any business. When you have more links, they give you access to different tools.

Things you have to encompass in the Instagram landing page

You may take a look at different Instagram pages to understand their layout. If you look at the pages of leading web design firms, you will appreciate their creativity and professionalism. For creating the Instagram landing page, you require mobile optimization. For this, research and analysis are crucial. Consider the visitors who will arrive on the page through Instagram. Paying attention to their specific requirements is your job. 

The Instagram profile logo or picture and the content become an integral element of the landing page. Ensure that the username is clear and relatable. The page must be an extension of Instagram and have information that helps your visitors connect with you. The bio of the page works like a brief message welcoming your visitors. It makes an impression on them when they are on their social media profile.

If you already have a personal profile on Instagram, try converting it to a business profile. Create Instagram advertisements and work on the accessibility of the page. For example, you can sign up in Instagram shopping and publish your content over there. By adding an email address, phone number, and address, you make the business easy to reach. Hence, give attention to these elements as it is essential for setting up the profile.

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