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Thinking about switching your landlines for virtual phone numbers. With the help of the mighty internet, the possibility of making free calls without entirely depending on cell towers is now a reality. And let’s not forget about the cost benefits of using virtual phone numbers, the amount of money one could save on monthly phone bills.

Virtual phone numbers are more popular these days. While there are plenty of alternatives out there, one of the most popular phone services is the Google Voice. Google Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service where one can make and receive free phone calls as well as messages from anywhere to any US based number or Canadian numbers.  It is packed with outstanding features from the ability to forward incoming calls to any phone or devices, send and receive SMS messages from phone or even via the web app, record voicemails, get voicemail transcriptions via emails and texts, with the added feature of making video conference calls and cheaper international calls.

Many small businesses are adopting different ways to conduct business communications and virtual numbers have definitely aided in making it more accessible and cost effective. Google Voice is a more viable business solution from sourcing as an efficient customer answering service, to handling high call volumes, free texting service, maintaining privacy via separate business number to effective CRM, Google Voice provides a slate of outstanding features that small businesses should not miss out.

Whether communicating with clients, customers, colleagues or any important business connections, creating an official Google voice account is a great way to manage all communication under one platform. Let’s dive into how is Google Voice better than a full-pledged VoIP service provider and why you need google voice accounts for your business?


What exactly is a Google Voice account?

Founded in 2009 by the tech giant; Google, the Google voice is a mélange of telecommunications services. Google voice account works as an internet based communication channel that is accessible on both smartphone devices and the web.

With Google voice, one can easily make and receive phone calls over Wi-Fi, send text messages, access voicemails, voicemail transcription via emails, and forward calls from one number to another and much more. Along with making free calls, Google voice users can make low cost calls to international phone numbers within the U.S. and Canada.

These features are all controlled through a web- based platform similar to Google’s most popular email engine; Gmail.

To create a Google Voice account, anyone with a google account can access all the features and benefits of Google Voice. The basic function of Google voice is that it provides a virtual number called the Google Voice number, where all calls and texts will be directed to this number. No need for a slim card, or constantly having to switch from one device to another or setting different numbers for different purposes.

Think of it in this way, Google Voice simply works as a one handy device that you can carry with you wherever you go managing all your communications under one platform. As long as you have the internet you are good to go on making calls and sending texts to a bunch of people with no added cost.

Why do you need google voice accounts for your business?

  1. Prioritize calls and search voicemails

Google voice records incoming voicemails and then provides a digital transcript of every voicemail received either via email or text message. This is great for small business owners who have an extensive list of incoming calls. They can prioritize calls as it displays who is calling and what are they calling for and respond to them accordingly.

Not only that, these transcribed voicemail texts or emails can be easily looked up over the web, similar to that of searching emails in Gmail inbox or using Google. Businesses receiving high call volumes can take advantage of this searchable transcription feature. As all voicemails and text messages are saved on the web, one can simply search and process calls more efficiently than the regular call-in voicemail system.

  1. Use different calls rules and greetings

Google Voice allows us to set call rules, assign different contacts to user-defined groups and adjust behavior for those groups or individuals. For instance, one can connect certain individuals or groups to a certain number or device when they call, or even block unnecessary calls.

This is useful in prioritizing calls by determining which contacts are calling for business development deals and which contacts are calling for product queries. Thereby, forwarding the respective calls to the appropriate member’s inboxes instantly.

With google voice, businesses can even customize their voicemail messages when responding to important business clients or representing a specific business division. For example, the customer support and sales divisions can have different ways to greet callers and provide more relevant information on whom to contact, what are the business hours etc.

  1. Share calls with an assistant or partner

Today, small businesses are generally operated via mobile phones on the go and missing an important call or lead can prove to be a loss to a business. Google voice works to solve the problems that a traditional office phone system lacks. With google voice, calls, text messages, voicemail transcriptions sent via email, audio recording of voicemails and can be easily forwarded with any one via email or any other communication channel.

Furthermore, one can record a call and share the recorded audio via the web. This shareable feature is useful for business collaborations, or keeping a partner in the loop during important conference calls when he/she cannot attend. Google voice also allows you to connect calls from certain contacts to go to specific members or re-direct a call to a different number upon receiving. It is also convenient for individuals and business owners who are constantly on the move and have work at different locations.

  1. Set up shop anywhere

Google voice allows users to select a virtual number and pick any U.S. area code of their choice. This is useful especially for small businesses or an e-commerce site where the majority of their clients, customers and other important contacts are scattered in various cities without incurring any additional cost of setting a physical store.

For instance, if your business holds a large concentration of clients in Chicago but you’re physically New York based, you can set up a Google voice number with the area codes to 773 or 312 so that any customers from Chicago can call the customer support using the local number.

  1. Call forwarding with rules

The call forwarding feature of Google Voice account serves to be highly useful for small businesses with high call volumes. By listing one separate business contact number, all calls can be quickly redirected to the assigned member or customer care personnel as they come in. This helps to efficiently maintain the communication flow especially if business operates in multiple locations.

Google voice accounts allow you to take control of all incoming calls by setting rules for different individuals and groups. Users can decide connecting certain users to certain devices, who gets to call and when. For instance, forwarding calls to your office phone during certain hours of the day and to your personal mobile number or home phone number after office hours. One can even set certain callers to be directed into your voicemail.

  1. Privacy

Google Voice protects one’s privacy by assigning a separate business phone number for all your business related needs without directly exposing any personal contact information. When creating a Google Voice account, the number that you select as your virtual number can be used online to promote your service or when customers call.

  1. Routing and screening power

With the help of Google voice, you no longer need to set different numbers for different purposes or switch devices. This routing feature allows you to set preferences of your choice. One can set the time parameter that is convenient for them to receive calls or set the google voice to ring from one phone and continue to ring on other phones devices.

The screening function provides options to either answer a call, send it to voicemail, send it to voicemail and then listen in live or record the call while answering. Google voice takes information from your contact book to inform you beforehand who is calling you, if the number does not appear on the contact list, then Google Voice will ask for their name and play the call back when one responds to the call.

Google voice allows you to not only screen out calls but also helps in blocking unnecessary numbers.

  1. Free SMS and voicemails

Businesses can make use of Google voice’s fully integrated free SMS system for marketing related purposes and at a high messaging frequency. Messages sent to one’s google voice number is directly forwarded to any device or email set up in their account. They have the option to reply to the text messages from any phone or through the web interface by Google Voice.

This feature provides an archive of all texts received and sent. The great thing about this is all these texts are saved on the website in a well-organized format which makes it easy to search and access online. Thus no more worries about losing the texts or voicemails ever again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a Google Voice account for my business?

 Go to the google voice website or download the app on Google Play store or on App store. Log into your google account. Search for available area code of your choice, select the Google Voice number you want, and lastly verify your account with your existing phone number.

Can I have 2 phone numbers with 1 phone?

Google voice is free to use and allows users to have two phone numbers to call from with the same phone. If anyone calls on your business number (google voice number), it will be forwarded to your personal phone or any whatever phone you want calls to be forwarded to.

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