GoogieHost become the global leader in Hosting Industry

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GoogieHost made its name in the hosting industry by providing unlimited free web hosting services to its customers. Like it’s often mentioned that there is no such thing as a free meal, there were some limitations to the resources provided with this free web hosting service.

However, this small but effective step was more than enough to give a little push to the young entrepreneurs who wanted to leave their footprint in the world.

Let’s embark on their journey and find out what they have been up to during the pandemic and how covid has impacted digital marketing as a whole and most importantly on GoogieHost.

Impact of covid-19 on digital marketing in India?

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted the flow of business in every sector in either a positive direction or a negative direction. Likewise, the digital marketing industry has also seen some changes, mostly positive.

Those who had already adopted the way of digital marketing and those who were ready to adapt to the change were able to maintain credibility and keep their business afloat when most businesses were on the cusp of closing down.

New industries that target their customers mainly through digital marketing have come into the limelight. Online clothing and makeup lines, grocery stores, masks, sanitizers, gloves, and many other such online stores that provide products related to health and necessities are on the rising trend whereas those businesses that have a mostly offline customer base like transport, construction companies, etc., have seen a downward trend.

Digital marketing has given way for creative and innovative people to work in the private sector and showcase their creative sides. Those who had the mind were quick to learn about the workings of the digital field were able to transition more easily to the virtual world.

Digital Marketing was already becoming the most sought-after business trend in the previous few years. But with lockdown in all parts of India due to Covid-19, it has seen rapid growth and with it, web hosting companies and domain registration companies have seen a serious business influx.

How GoogieHost stands alone as a free hosting provider at Global Level?

The lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic gave some much-needed time for the young entrepreneurs to decide what they wanted to do with their careers. Many young professionals dared to start their own business which during this time had to be mostly online.

GoogieHost has been reviewed as one of the best service and support providers in the hosting industries. So, let’s see what makes GoogieHost the most sought-after hosting company.

Most important of all is that it is free which means no hidden costs. It offers 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth with 100 MBPS shared uplink allowing your website to handle high incoming traffic with ease, professional email addresses, and 2 FTP accounts, a builder (trial) that lets you create a website even if you are not a professional developer, a softaculous auto-installer to let you install apps like WordPress, SEO Tools, CDN (Cloud Flare), self-backup, knowledge base, blog tutorial, and forum base, 24*7 Email and chat support, call support during working hours, Cloud Linux Limited, Standard Drive, SSL certificate and free sub-domain name if you are hesitant towards purchasing a domain name.

Once you are more confident with handling your website you can invest in premium services to get better access to all the resources that were limited with free hosting.

This seems too good to be true; however, it stands proven that GoogieHost’s free hosting services have given the youth a course of action to carry into effect their entrepreneurial dreams.

How do you get free hosting and domain from GoogieHost?

This is one of the most unique aspects of GoogieHost. It provides free hosting services and domains to those who have a genuine reason to ask for free services.

After you click on Get Free Hosting, you are redirected to a page that showcases the service plans- free web hosting and premium hosting.

Get for Free link will lead you to the page that will give you a few options like register your domain, transfer domain, use an existing domain or get a sub-domain for those who are hesitant to invest in domain registration.

After verifying your domain or sub-domain, you will be asked to give a reason stating why you need this free service. Once they find your answer to be satisfactory, you are allotted free hosting services, features of which have already been explained above. You can always contact GoogieHost if you want to chat with them to better understand their pans.

After this, you are all set to venture into the business world. GoogieHost hopes that their efforts provide you with enough resources to quick-start your career anew and wishes you all the best for your future endeavors.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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