GogoPDF: 4 Useful Tools You Can Use For Free!

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GogoPDF: 4 Useful Tools You Can Use For Free!

Encountering inconveniences when handling digital files is inevitable. The worst part is that you can’t do something about it if you rely only on human capability. This is when the importance of online tools such as GogoPDF comes in. It is an online platform designed to help you get things done as efficiently as possible. It will address your problems when managing online documents.

GogoPDF is one of the most popular cloud-based tools today due to its excellent features. It recorded a lot of positive feedback from students and working adults. A lot of people claim that it was the key for them to achieve a high productivity rate during online learning setup and work-from-home arrangement. In this article, we will discuss the different tools offered by the website as well as the reasons why it became a most sought-after tool. Check them out below!

1.  PDF to PDFA converter

Technology constantly evolves and there might come a time that a new operating system is no longer compatible with the majority of file formats. Before that even happens, make sure to convert your PDF to PDFA using GogoPDF. The converted file is a subset of PDF or the portable document format which ensures that the information it contains will forever be accessible regardless of the technological changes. Nowadays, business owners already utilize it for their important files like those that contain their secret trades and transactions, bank details, and documents crucial for their operation. Moreover, it is now popular among researchers to not lose access to their inventions and new findings.

How to have a PDF/A document?

To own a PDF/A document, you will have to use the converter offered by the website. Once you reach it, immediately upload the file and proceed with the conversion process. Wait for the converted file to appear on the screen and download it on your device.

2.  eSign PDF tool

With the implementation of online learning and remote working, electronic signature has become the norm. You no longer have to meet with the person handling the document just to affix your signature. He can just send it to you via any of the social media platforms or email. Once you receive it, you can use the eSign PDF tool to sign the important files without delay. You can use any device to perform this task including your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The process is very easy and cost-effective as it will no longer require you to spend on paper and ink.

How to electronically sign PDF documents?

Upload the file you wish to affix your signature to by dragging and dropping it into the toolbox. Then, create your own signature through the use of the mouse or you may opt to upload your signature instead. Save the changes and share them with other signatories. Once everyone has already signed it, you will receive a downloadable link.

3.  Repair PDF tool

Sometimes, documents suddenly get corrupted and damaged due to various reasons. You probably clicked a link on the internet containing malware and viruses which attacked the documents in your device. Other times, they became inaccessible because of unstable internet connections and power interruptions. Whatever the reason may be, the feeling of sadness will always be there. It might even be a cause of your breakdown especially if the corrupted file is due within an hour. You may try to resolve the issue by using the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF. It is the most useful tool as per the users of the website.

How to repair corrupted files?

Transfer the corrupted file from your device or online storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive to the website by clicking the select files button or by using the drag and drop option. After a few minutes, your file will become accessible again. You may immediately share it via email or copy the shareable link generated by the website and send it to your boss or professor. Don’t forget to download it to not undergo the same process again.

4.  Protect PDF tool

There are a lot of people who experienced becoming a victim of a data breach. Unauthorized persons gained access to their files and used the information it contained against them which tarnished their reputations. To not experience the same, you may encrypt your important files using the protect PDF tool. Before anyone can open your documents, they first have to input the associated passcode.

How to encrypt your PDF files?

Upload the file you want to lock by dragging and dropping it into the toolbox. Then, type the password that you want but make sure it contains numbers, capital letters, and symbols. The last step will require you to download and save the newly encrypted file on your device and cloud-based storage.

In a Nutshell

GogoPDF is a multifunctional tool to give every user a satisfactory experience. All of the processes required to perform certain tasks are very easy and fast. If you want to convert, sign, repair, and protect your PDF files, make sure to give GogoPDF.com a try!

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