Girls Activewear: Wardrobe Essentials

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Girls Activewear: Wardrobe Essentials

Physical activity in some form is continually encouraged by experts. The World Health Organisation suggests a minimum of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise every week. Experts also suggest that getting individuals on some sporting activity or workout routine from an early age is better for long-term health.

Aussie kids love their gymnastics! It is a popular sporting activity in Australia that receives 70% participation from girls as young as 7! To cater to such wide-ranging age needs, many markets offer everything from gymnastics equipment to girls dance shoes! The activewear market in Australia is about $450 million. The market size has only increased from $190 million to $280 million in 2020.

Regardless of whether one is young or old, there are many activewear and footwear that one must have to optimise their physical activities. While the sportswear market is wide for both men and women, the footwear market showcases abundant variety for girls and women.

Why is activewear necessary?

Many people tend to work out or do light aerobic activity in everyday loungewear. While this can be comfortable, it is not advisable since it can cause muscle pulls or bodily discomfort. People also tend to go on walks or run on treadmills with their crocs or flip-flops. This can affect the heel adversely and cause pain to the ankle. The harmful effects are structured in a way that they hamper future physical activity.

Activewear and sporting footwear are manufactured with materials that promote the right amount of flexibility without being constrictive. Many such apparels even get made with anti-bacteria, anti-stretch fabric that ensures they are durable and machine-safe.

Wardrobe Essentials

Whether one works out to stay fit or build muscles, specific gym wear becomes vital to optimise the experience and get the best out of the fitness training. Before purchasing any activewear, it is crucial to choose the material that one thinks fits them best.

Sportswear comes in six different types of materials. Spandex, polyester, cotton and nylon are a few popular choices. However, most brands use two or more fabrics to offer the best to the consumers. Here are a few must-haves in your wardrobe:

  • Tank Tops: Tank tops are universally known to be gym wear. They are incredibly comfortable and hold the torso in the correct position to facilitate stretching. Tank tops can be loose or fitting. Loose tank tops are often worn over a sports bra or a male bra to cover up. Tight tank tops are worn to support the torso while working out naturally.
  • Dance Shoes: These shoes are designed for people who perform aerobics, Zumba or ballet. These are typically intended as girls dance shoes with Cuban heels that dancers can wear. These are made of soft leather or canvas to offer maximum flexibility.
  • Sports Bra: Sports bras are crucial when performing high-intensity workouts involving chest movement, like push-ups. These bras are available for both men and women, but they serve different purposes. While for women, the bras play the role of holding the breasts and providing back support, for men, the bra’s function is to flatten the chest and keep devices like a calorie tracker.
  • Running Shoes: Choosing the perfect shoes for running is crucial, whether on treadmills or the pavement. Running shoes offer proper heel and sole support that prevents cramps and blisters from overexertion. These shoes also provide the right amount of bounce and make the user feel lightweight while running. Today, they are available in various patterns and colours to suit your style!

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