Gift Cards You Can Give to Your Employees

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It is a common misconception that since Australians are pretty laid-back people, they are also as chill when it comes to working. However, there is no truth to that assumption. On the contrary, their work culture can be pretty surprising.

Australians are hard working. They come to work early and many times go home late. They rarely say no to a work assignment. It is why they deserve whatever employee gift cards they are given.

For employers who are wanting to gift their hard-working employees with gift cards, the choice is varied. Here are some of it:

Spa Vouchers 

Aussies love to treat and pamper themselves. And after a long week at work, what better way to pamper one’s self than a spa treatment. A spa voucher is a great gift because while workers do love to have a spa treatment once in a while, it is not something that they typically splurge on. Gifting them with this will not only make them happy, but also grateful.

Downtime Vouchers

These are vouches that your employees can use to buy books, music, and games. It is a thoughtful gift that you can give them so they can get that bestseller they have been wanting to buy or that game that they can play with their mates. This gift card will allow them to have some downtime and recharge.


There are gift cards that you can give to your employees that they can use to avail of experiences. These experiences include sky diving, horse riding, deep sea fishing, or motorcycle riding lessons. There are lot’s of experiences that they can take part in. Gift cards for experiences can be personalized depending on your employees hobby or sport.

Restaurant Vouchers

These are probably the most common gift cards probably because the love for food is universal. Gift cards for restaurants are highly appreciated because it will allow your employee to try new food. However, you must first ensure that the gift card you will gift them with are those that can be used for multiple restaurants. Everybody loves good food, and your employees will love you for your gift.

Make your gift tax deductible

While it is your intention to pamper your employees, it is good to be aware of what are gifts that can be tax deductible and what are gifts that you have to pay fringe benefit tax on.

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), a gift that is less than $300 is not liable for FBT provided. Gifts that are classified under “non-entertainment gifts” are also tax deductible.

What are non-entertainment gifts?

These gifts include tickets for sporting events, live music, theatre, club membership, and holidays. So, you have to make sure that you avoid giving gift cards for these to avoid paying FBT.

It is great to give employe gift cards especially if your employees have been working so hard all year long. However, before you hand them any gift card, make sure that it is for something that they will use and enjoy. You do not want your gift card to be among the $70 million worth of unredeemed gift cards. Gift cards are great to receive, but make it equally useful to the receiver.

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