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Fixing the painful website UX mistakes

Website Ux


SEO tactics are meant for helping the website owners in boosting traffic. SEO experts also include that the website should provide an improved user experience. But website owners commit a few website mistakes that can be quite difficult to fix. In this article, we would be discussing the painful UX mistakes and how you can fix them.


Every site administrator or business owner tries to provide an improved user experience to the audience. They want the users to navigate their sites without facing any obstacles. If users find it challenging to find information from your site, they would no longer want to stay at your site. You will lose the money that you have invested on your site. Both SEO and UX are complicated process, and if you want to succeed as a website owner, you should understand them properly. If you get them wrong, you can face colossal losses, and your conversion rates will also decrease.


Cultured navigation


If you think that the audience doesn’t like to spend more time on your site, there could be several issues that your website has, and you are unaware of them. The navigation of your site would lead to your content. It is the gateway. The navigation must be well-structured. The common mistakes that site owners or web developers commit in navigation are that they either add excessive anchor texts or many sub-menus. Sometimes they rely on JavaScript and add links without value.

Here is how you can fix these simple site navigation errors.


Fixing it


If you want your site navigation to be proper, then, first of all, you would have to make the navigation accessible by clearing the clutter. You would also have to find out on what pages of your site the users like to spend most of the time. You can also take the help of Forever 21 as it would attractively structure your site.

Page load timing


Not a single internet user likes to stay on a page that takes time to load. In today’s times everyone is in a hurry. If your website would take more time to load, then the audience, instead of staying and waiting, will decide to go to your competitor’s site. Page load timing improves user experience, and you must keep in mind that user experience is a ranking factor. Page loading can profoundly affect your conversion.


The prime reason for why some websites takes time to load, are images. If you don’t add the photos appropriately on your website using the right file type, your site would become slow, and pages wouldn’t load quickly. You would also have to use the right t dimensions and resolution quality while adding the images. Website owners also don’t like pages whose images take time to load.


Fixing image bloat


First of all, you must find out if the image is the reason your page is not loading quickly. You can run speed tests on your site using GTMetrix to find out what files are quite heavy. It would also help you find poorly optimized pictures. If you want to do batch analysis, then you can use tools like Sitebulb.


If you have already added images on your site, then opening photoshop and resizing them all would involve a lot of hard work. But there is a solution you can run batch compressions to reduce the file sizes. You can find many image compressor tools online. For WordPress users, Smush.itplugin is also an essential tool for image resizing. Google has introduced a new file format that can help you in image compression.




We mustn’t forget about mentioning pop-ups as they have become quite disruptive in 2020. Sumo is one such pop-up that can disrupt the user’s experience. Internet users don’t like pushy sales. However, you can do use the pop-ups in the right way.


Using the pop-ups in the right way


First and foremost, you should avoid using interstitial pop-ups as it can irritate the users. It is also not suitable for businesses. If you want to use pop-ups, then you should try subtly using them. You can use top banners at the top of the screen as it is non-invasive.


Chatbots can also help the users find what they are searching for that too without annoying them. You can add discount codes and lead generation to improve conversion rates. Another popular way of telling the customers about offers and discounts is by integrating CTAs. It would also help you preserve UX. You should also not forget the design banner as it would help you remember the resolutions of your items.




UX is as essential tool for your site as the content. Most business owners find it quite complicated. It would help if you did the innovationsin your website. But it must not to be done at the cost of user’s experience. At the time of navigating your site, you must keep in mind how you feel when you reach a slow loading site.



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