Find TBC gold in the caverns

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Find TBC gold in the caverns

The Caverns of Time is a special place that celebrates the vast World of Warcraft.

The highly anticipated expansion that is The Burning Crusade Classic is here to whisk players off on many adventures. Before you can explore everything that it has to offer, however, there are certain places that need to be unlocked. No amount of WoW TBC gold is going to help either, as you will need to complete certain aspects of the actual game. If trying to access the Caverns of Time is something you’ve been looking to do, then you’re in the right place.

About the Caverns of Time Quest

The Caverns of Time quest is given to you by Andormu, who has requested that you follow the Custodian of Time throughout the cavern. The quest begins in Tanaris, and will end there too.

Getting to The Caverns of Time’s Dark Portal

If your goal in this situation is to find the method in which we can reach the Dark Portal dungeon with the Caverns of Time then read on. Before we can do this, we need to have completed the 5-players dungeon from Caverns of Time: Durnholde in Old Hillsbrad.

Players who have finished the first dungeon of Old Hillsbrad can then speak with Andormu. If you look to where the clockwork is outside by the caverns, this is where you will find him. At this point, he will send you on a new quest. If you are going to attempt the dungeon mentioned above, try and get your team to be at around level 70. The last boss for the dungeon is at level 72, so it would be wise for you to prepare for it accordingly.

Anyway, we now have a new quest in which we want to speak to a member of the Scales of the Sand faction called Sa’at. Once you have zoned in, you will find this character at the Dark Portal dungeon entrance.

Heading to the Black Morass and Beyond

The next task that we must fulfill is getting to the Black Morass. This objective will take us through the Caverns of Time, eventually leading to our goal location. This has to be done during the Dark Portal’s opening, after which you need to talk to Sa’at to progress.

To the south of Black Morass is our next location, where we need to start clearing a path. Be sure that your peers do not engage when they see Medivh approaching. Instead, we first should get rid of any enemies that are in the vicinity. Clearing out the whole dungeon from enemies isn’t your priority here, as all you need to really do is kill the enemies that are to the south. What you want to be doing is getting rid of any mobs being near Medivh. From here, you will then be looking at a quest to complete the dungeon in a time-scripted fashion.

This is just one example of the instances that you will come across, though access to the Dark Portal and Black Morass is often a question that players ask for guidance with. In general, you have plenty of places and timelines to discover via the portals. There’s no need to jump ahead by buying WoW TBC account or anything like that, though if you’re trying to get past the whole Burning Crusade power leveling experience then it might be worth looking at.

What is in The Caverns of Time?

There is a reason as to why the Caverns of Time is so renowned amongst the playerbase. If you want to take a break from TBC power leveling and explore one of the historic areas of the game, then this is most certainly one of the best places to do it.

You may have figured out already where the caverns get their name from. Within this location is a set of portals, which can take you back to certain areas in the history of World of Warcraft. Sometimes we need to break away from worrying about going to buy WoW TBC gold for mounts, or reaching the heights of level 70 and really delve deeper into the lore. In these caverns, you can do just that with there being a number of timelines available to you.

The Caverns of Time play host to both Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight. It is a great location to not only get yourself access to tall of the portals, but it also proves to be a place in which you can obtain a useful WoW mount. Since mounts are one of the most coveted of TBC items, it’s probably worth a visit to this location.

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