Selecting the fastest and most affordable broadband connection

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Selecting the fastest and most affordable broadband connection


The world is getting smaller by the day, thanks to the advances in technology that have made many things possible that we had only previously imagined being in science fiction books. While some of these technologies are only finding their way now in our daily lives, others have already become a firm inclusion to our homes and work.

One of these pieces of technology that enable us to run our lives smoothly is the internet. Most of us need the internet to go about our daily lives and one of the easiest ways for us to enable internet at our home is through broadband internet connections. If you have been looking to get a new broadband connection or wondering “what is the best broadband connection near me?” this article will help you select the best broadband service.

Regardless of where you live, or the budget that you have, you can follow some simple steps to select the right internet service provider for you.


  • Availability – With more than 350 internet service providers operating within the country you would never think that the availability of an ISP will be an issue at your location, but it often is. Unfortunately due to logistic challenges many ISPs operate locally only and may not be available at other places. There are only a few providers who provide services all over India such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, BSNL, etc. To check the availability at your location you can use a search engine to look for “broadband connections near me” or go to the websites of these service providers and use the search tool there to search your location to check if it is covered.
  • High Data Speed – Using a slow internet connection is not acceptable to most of us and the modern urban users generally expect around 35 to 40 Mbps data speed as acceptable to most. The reason that the broadband needs to have high data speed such as this is because in most cases broadband internet is a shared connection. The bandwidth is used simultaneously by multiple devices in the households such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and Smart TVs. This can bring the speed down considerably. Thankfully the top providers such as Airtel provide 40 Mbps speed even with their most basic plan which is perfect for most households.
  • Unlimited Data – The high speed means very little if the data comes with a stringent data cap due to FUP. Fair Usage Policy or FUP refers to the limit placed by the ISP on the data connection where after consuming a certain amount of data at the top speed, the speed drops by a lot while allowing the customer to continue using the internet. If the fair usage policy is below 100-200 GB which is the typical data consumption of most users, it may mean that the customer will have to spend the remainder of the month with lowered data speed. Thankfully Airtel provides around 500 GB as the FUP data limit which means that even heavy data users will be able to enjoy top data connection speed throughout the month.
  • Cost-effective – Usually it refers to the monthly package fee of the internet connection and it depends greatly on the number of users sharing the internet connection. While the average users who opt for broadband connections are happy to pay a decent price for the high-speed data connection with 100 Mbps and above speeds, there are still budget-conscious users who are okay with lower speeds. The basic pack of Airtel broadband with unlimited data and 40 Mbps speed comes at just INR 499 and also includes free installation.


These reasons make Airtel one of the most affordable yet fastest broadband connections in the country. The top data speed of 1 Gbps and the free high-speed compatible router provides the much-needed speed for even ultra-heavy users and gamers. The free unlimited Local and STD calls are also included which makes it an excellent value for money proposition for most Indian customers.

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