Factors that Determine IVF cost in Jaipur

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A lot of couples are under stress these days because of the inability of them to conceive, because of some infertility issues.  People have been spending a lot of time, energy and a lot of money so that they can find the right solutions for their infertility issues. There has been a rise in couples separating in the past few years because of infertility issues. If you are also looking for a trustworthy, effective hospital where you can get all the solutions under a single roof regarding all your infertility issues, one must try Aastha Fertility Care, Jaipur which is one of the best IVF centres in Jaipur and has affordable IVF cost. 

Dr. Namita Kotia, the IVF specialist and the head of the Infertility clinic says that infertility cause is not limited to a woman only; a lot of male factors can also lead to infertility and can cause hindrance in conceiving. The IVF centre in Jaipur started in 2005, and since then they have been successfully bringing smiles to a lot of couples by gifting them with parenthood. One can find IVF solutions by booking a counselling session with an extremely efficient and experienced team of doctors.  IVF procedure has been the speciality of the IVF hospital and with a high IVF success rate and is a highly cost-effective method. 

What exactly happens During an IVF procedure-?

The aim of the IVF procedure is to retrieve the egg from the patient and fertilize it with the sperm in a laboratory.  The fertilized embryos (one or two) are transplanted back to the uterus. Following are the stages which in an IVF cycle-

  1. a) A woman’s regular menstrual cycles are stopped using injections or nasal sprays. 
  2. b) The woman is injected with fertility hormones so that she produces more eggs than just one.
  3. c) When the eggs are ready, under the influence of a sedative they are collected using a thin needle and ultrasounds.
  4. d)  The eggs of the patient or the donor eggs are then fertilized with the sperm or the donor sperm in a laboratory. 
  5. e) Fertilized eggs are grown in an incubator and are observed for a few weeks until they start dividing themselves well. 
  6. f) One or two embryos are then implanted back in the patients or surrogates womb using a thin needle. 
  7. g) If the embryo gets successfully implanted in the womb the woman is considered to be pregnant. The confirmation of successful conception is given after a week of the procedure through a blood test.
  8. f) Any extra healthy embryos can be frozen, for further cycles or donations.

Factors determining IVF cost in Jaipur-

A lot of factors together determine the cost of the IVF treatment in Jaipur.  Majorly the  IVF cost depends on the factor that if the couple needs the help of donor eggs or sperm for the procedure. Couples who are generally middle-aged or are above 40 generally need the help of donor eggs, as the quality of the eggs decreases with age. Some of the common factors determining the cost of the IVF procedure are mentioned below. 

  1. a) The primary IVF cost factor is the age of the patient and how many cycles of treatment would be required by the patient to successfully conceive.
  2. b) Does the couple require the help of donor eggs or sperm, as this might increase the cost of IVF treatment in Jaipur.
  3. c) If the couple needs a frozen donor embryo directly.
  4. d) The rate of T.E.S.A (Testicular sperm aspiration) and the rate of ICSI intracytoplasmic sperm injection, if a patient requires any of the above.
  5. e) And lastly the cost of freezing the embryos.

Above are some of the common factors on which the cost of IVF determines in India. Though, the cost of the In Vitro fertilization process varies from city to city and hospital to hospital. The cost of IVF is affordable in India than in other countries. The average cost of IVF procedure lies approximately around 80,000 INR – 1,30,000 INR in our country. Aastha fertility centre, Jaipur provides one with an extremely affordable and effective IVF procedure for treating infertility and gifting them with parenthood. 

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Why choose Aastha Fertility Center-

The IVF centre is known to provide their patients with all the emotional support throughout the procedure. The hospital is extremely transparent with its procedures, caring and nurturing and provides you with the best treatments one needs for curing infertility.  The infertility centre was established in 2005, Dr. Namita Kotia being one of the founders of the hospital, and is an IVF specialist in curing infertility and since then she has been working day and night to bring smiles and joys to her patients by fulfilling their dream of being a parent. The IVF centre possesses all the new technologies and treatments, with a highly experienced team of doctors to cure infertility. Patients from all over the country and the world have been taking counselling from the IVF clinic to find the right solution to their infertility issues. The patients of Aastha fertility centre are extremely satisfied and happy with the results provided from the IVF treatments by the hospital. The IVF success rate of the hospital is around 90 per cent.

“ Shanta and Krishna, patients of Aastha Fertility care from New Delhi are extremely thankful to Dr. Namita Kotia and her team for blessing them with a child, and providing them with a highly cost-effective IVF-EVF package”

The best IVF centre in Jaipur has been awarded by various prominent personalities, on various medical conferences and other occasions for their excellent work in the medical field and curing infertility. One can easily book a counselling session with the highly experienced team of doctors, of Aastha Fertility care to discuss their infertility issues and to get a satisfactory cure for it.  To know more about the best IVF centre of Jaipur that is Aastha fertility centre and about their services and IVF packages one can check it out on https://aasthafertility.com/ and book their appointment today. 

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