Enhance your looks by wearing hats perfectly – Tips about choosing hats with some thought

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Hats cut across the gender lines, and both men and women like to wear hats. Still, since women want to remain fashionable always, they are more inclined to hats that add the much-needed personal touch of sophistication typical of modern women. Hats are must-have accessories because no fashion is complete without hats. Moreover, hats are the modern-day crowns that have the power to turn any woman into the lovely princess that every woman desires.  

Hats are the most sought-after headgear because it helps to make a statement and create styles that bear the marks of your taste. Simply said, hats help you to stand out from the crowd and even make heads turn. If you are not shy of grabbing eyeballs, then surely you need to complete your dressing with some hat, maybe a leather top hat that spells luxury and creates gorgeous looks. Forgiving completeness to any outfit, you must top it with a hat that is so much versatile that it looks appropriate in any season and suits the occasion.  Rain or sunshine, hats will be your perfect companion for protection and style.

Wear hats with a purpose

Hats can create charming looks in women, and you must know how to select a perfect hat for you and the season. Yes, hats are seasonal with only a few exceptions, and you must focus on their vibes and functionality to achieve your fashion goals and dress for the occasion. To create the street-style look, you can reach out for the beret, but you must fall back upon the fedora to dress formally. 

Know how to wear the hat

Hats must be highly comfortable and have the perfect fit to make you love wearing them for long hours. The fit can be tricky because it should neither be too tight nor loose that even the slightest wind blows it away. At the same time, you must wear the hat in a way that helps to create the desired looks and satisfies your appetite for fashion.  Every hat design dictates the way you should wear it, and although there is nothing right or wrong about it, you must know how to place the hat on your head, whether flat or at an angle, to derive the right looks without affecting the functionality. 

Let us now look at some hat styles and the accompanying outfit to create stunning looks.

Go for fedoras

Women can indeed stake their claims for the fedora as a hat for women because, in the beginning, it was a hat for women only. However, through the twentieth century, fedoras became highly popular among men too. Yet, fedoras have not lost their connection to their roots and remain a favorite among women even today. Men have turned fedoras into a more formal headgear worn by business executives with a suit or tuxedo. Still, with the changing times and fashion, the fedora fits across the formal-casual spectrum, making it one of the most sought-after hats for women. 

Whether you wear the sturdy hat with some formal or casual dress, the hat retains the teardrop-shaped crown’s high appeal, the longitudinal crease on both sides of the crown, and a liable yet firm brim. The small fold on either side in the front adds to the appeal.

Try the Panama hat

Panama hats have a South American lineage as they originated in Ecuador and are made from the straw of toquilla palm that imparts the light color to the hats. The crown has a dent at the center with a pinch in the front, and the brim width can vary from narrow to wide. Usually accompanied by a black hatband, the cream-colored hat looks ideal for pairing with some casual wear, but you can wear it with some formal outfit too.  How you want to wear the hat depends on your styling sense and how confidently you can carry yourself in the attire. Panama hats have close connections to beachwear and the sea because of the sun protection that it provides, but in the end, you can have your way to wear the hat by breaking traditions. 

Choose floppy hats

Choosing floppy hats becomes obvious if you want to stay trendy because floppies are the in-thing in fashion right now.  Floppy hats are the ubiquitous summer hats chosen more for the protection it provides from the glaring sun but with an enormous scope of turning them into one of the most fashionable hats that go well with any casual outfit.

Floppy hats are stylish, and their functionality extends beyond the sun protection as you can wear the large hat on bad hair days to elevate your looks instantly. Floppy hats have wide brims that create ample shade to protect the head and neck, and those with a petite body can expect to extend the shade up to the shoulders. 

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