Top 8 Unique Eco-Friendly Gift ideas to increase your Sales

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A simply presented and a beautifully packaged and wrapped gift differs in the way it inspires people to get them. Over the years, the use of eco-friendly gift boxes has been increased a lot because of their diverse uses and presentational ability. They are designed in different custom shapes and sizes to better protect items and enhance their appeal. Custom printing options also fulfill the promotional needs of the businesses to increases their sales volumes. Aqueous-based inks are used for the printing process to ensure the presence of sustainability in every aspect. Utilizati0n of different add-ons like ribbons and satin stretch bows also enhance the curiosity of people.

The gift industry is full of competition, and people love to share gifts with each other on the arrival of various popular events throughout the year. That is, brands need to use eco-friendly gift boxes to win the competition and to increases their sales. Here are the top 8 unique and eco-friendly ideas to increases sales volumes.

Use round shaped cardboard boxes

A creative approach to draw the attention of customers toward your gifts is the use of round eco-friendly packaging wholesale. Usually, very few brands use such creative solutions as most of them are opting for traditional techniques. You can get them manufactured according to the dimension of your products. It becomes more adorable for the round-shaped products as they fit perfectly into them without using the custom inserts in them. Use them with separate and clear lids to expose the inside products.

Prefer plantable packaging 

Another method by which you can attract a maximum number of customers is choosing eco-friendly packaging cosmetics that could be planted after its primary purpose. This type of solution is created by mixing the seeds of different plants in the thick walls of the boxes. People can simply dig them and can get the plants by watering them for some period. They can also grow naturally by mixing with the soil if thrown somewhere. Such a solution doubles the gifts as people also get the greenery along with gifts.

Decorate with paper add-ons 

Some gift companies also use plastic elements for the decoration of gift items. They could be different types of decorative objects like ornaments and plastic ribbons—however, it not the right choice with the eco-friendly packaging boxes. Add sustainable values in every regard and choose the paper add-ons for this purpose. You can use a die-cutting machine for this purpose to craft different types of objects like paper butterflies, hearts, and flowers. It will inspire them to make a purchase.

Use plant sprig in wrapping

Getting a gift packaged in eco-friendly packaging wholesale and with a clear message of the environment impresses the people in retail stores or at the online display. You can use the plant sprig for this purpose. They will help you convey a positive message without printing lengthy descriptions. It is a perfect method to grab the attention of people that usually spread positivity about the environment through such acts. You can tie a tree spring over the lid or at the front.

Try newspaper as inserts

Usually, companies need to place various inserts in eco-friendly packaging cosmetics and for other brittle products to keep them safe during shipping. These inserts are of various types and usually also enhance the transportation costs by adding extra weight to them. You can effectively use the new paper for this purpose as it is also much lighter than the other void fillers. Moreover, traditionally it has also remained a great crafting source for people to wrap gifts. So, a resemblance will be created by this technique.

Use labels rather than printing

Displaying the common information about the products is the basic need of the businesses because of the special interest of buyers in it. However, printing inks also contain toxic materials apart from soy-based inks. You can use the removable labels over eco-friendly packaging boxes rather than printing them. This phenomenon will not disturb their sustainable nature and will also fulfill the need of the buyers. Buyers can remove them easily to enhance the curiosity of their loved ones while getting the gifts.

Introduce edible packaging 

Edible eco-friendly packaging boxes are a new addition to the list of greens solutions for the presentation of products. Opting for such solutions makes the buyers curious when they come to know that they can also east the packaging. They are especially more convincing when used for the baked gift items as there will remain unhazardous for the dry food items. Such solutions are becoming quite popular as people love doing adventurous things.

Use wrapping string for unboxing

A great idea by which you can enhance the sales volumes of your gift items is wrapping the eco friendly packaging wholesale with a string rather than toxic adhesives. A thin wrapping string can cover all the sides and adds charisma to the packaged items. It not only enhances the protection of products but also provides carrying ease. Brands can even attach the hanging inserts to them to allow the buyers to write something over the space available.

All these ways are very effective to increases your sales volumes in a short time. The use of eco-friendly gift boxes becomes a more noticeable source of attention for buyers rather than focusing on the products. The green packaging solution impacts the behavior of customers and convinces them to purchase gift items.

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