Don’t Get Cheated While Buying Diamonds

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Diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most precious and beautiful gemstones out there. People like diamonds and are willing to pay a good amount of money to have one.

Often, we find ourselves buying diamonds either that be for ourselves or our wedding rings. Whether that be natural or man-made diamonds in Australia, the diamond industry is really huge in terms of money in this country and around the world.

But the sad fact is, jewelers often try to cheat their customers to gain more profit and there are a few ways you can avoid getting cheated while buying a diamond.

Often, jewelers will show you a better-quality diamond with a certificate that doesn’t belong to that specific diamond. What happens is when you are done with the inspection and place your order, the jewelers replace the diamond with a cheaper quality diamond with the inscription number that matches the certificate.

This way you will not be paying for what you have seen and liked. To avoid this incident, while inspecting the diamond, tell them to show you the inscription number and see if that number matches the number on the certificate.

There are lots of other materials that jewelers use as a substitute for diamonds. Those are not real diamonds rather they are just diamond look-alike. So, it is better to know how to spot a fake diamond. It is better to mention that synthetic diamonds are as good as real ones.

So, don’t confuse synthetic diamonds with fake diamonds. Man made diamonds Australia is becoming very popular day by day and nature lovers are suggesting choosing a lab-grown diamond instead of a natural one as they are more eco-friendly.

Whenever you give your diamond ring or any other jewelry for any kind of services, while receiving the package, check the inscription number on your gemstone once again.

Sometimes the scammers replace your diamond with something else which is a total fake. So, to avoid this scam you should be aware of the fact that the jeweler might not be a hundred percent honest person and you should check the authenticity of your diamond before you leave the store.

In the E-commerce sector, there are a lot of scammers. When you are trying to shop from a website, don’t always trust the photos. With modern software, it is very easy to edit a photo of a diamond to make it look like a better-quality one.

What could happen is, you will end up paying more money than the diamond you get deserves. Also, while shopping online look carefully if the image you are looking at has the word “sample” on it. The websites often use sample images that don’t match the diamond they are selling.

You should follow these simple guidelines of Man made diamonds news to avoid being cheated while you are buying a diamond. If you are shopping online read the disclaimer and the instructions properly. Also, if the site is not fully trusted, you better shop from a physical store where you can see the diamond without any filters.

Tips To Buy Quality Diamonds

To avoid any scams while buying diamond jewelry, you should follow the basic tips of online buying and selling. Here are the basic tips that you should follow while buying jewelry or any other item from online retailers.

Look For the Competitive Prices

Everyone wants to get the best deals and look for the lowest possible prices. But, if you want to buy the original products and quality jewelry, then you should look for competitive prices instead of the lowest prices.

For example, if the price of a specific product is $1000 USD in the market, you will get the best deal somewhere around 1000 dollars. In the local market and online market, you will see prices plus-minus 100$. 1 jeweler will offer it at 1100$ while the other may offer in 900$. This is a competitive price.

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But if you see that one online seller is offering the same product for $500, then you should be careful, as he might be a scammer.

Look For Online Reviews

It is important to look for the online review on the store or online sellers. Make sure that these are not fake reviews. Normally fake reviews come from identical profiles and with 100% positive reviews. If a seller is real, he might have mixed reviews, some will be bad while most of the reviews will be good.

Ask Friends

Ask your friends or family members if they have any experience in buying diamond jewelry online? If they have, ask them about the seller that you are interested to buy from. They might have a good or bad experience with that particular seller. It will help in avoiding any scams and finding the best diamond jeweler online.

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