Does Social Media Really Matter in the Business World?

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Social media is everywhere these days. Truth be told, it’s not quite as new as people might think, with things serving this purpose being around since the dawn of casual Internet use. Things like friends to her, MySpace, LiveJournal and various other social pages have been popular for a very long time, though it is true that these were more niche services than modern standard social media platforms. There is a reason that places like MySpace have been stereotyped as the hangouts for angst the teenagers in the days before Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

So, the question about whether or not you need a social media expert in Perth seems rather obvious and cut and dry at face value. Everybody uses social media, right? Well, that’s not entirely accurate, there is a decent sized demographic of people spanning all ages who prefer to interact with social media as little as possible. They may be a minority compared to those who do use it, but they do indicate something about the near future. Social media is not going to permanently dominate the communications world as it does now, once the novelty of it wears off, and younger generations just now become acquainted with technology realize that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to go away, and that you don’t need a social media consultant in Perth.

Are you confused? That’s okay, so is everyone else! The thing to take away from what was said above is that yes, you need to focus a somewhat on social media marketing, though you need to be selective in your social media choices. Only some of the social media channels are going to be that important in just a few years, and were going to look a little bit at which ones should really be focused on, and perhaps which ones should be focused on that you may not be thinking about right now.

Choosing the Social Media to Work with

Twitter isn’t going anywhere. Like it or not, the ease-of-use that this platform offers, and is ease of integration with other web platforms means that it’s always going to be a fairly commonplace method for addressing the public. It may be preferred less is a form of self-expression for average users in the oncoming years, but it’s always going to be a viable way for celebrities and organizations to do so.

However, marketing through Facebook is a dead-end, as is Tumblr. LinkedIn is also kind of a dead-end, as well as a lot of other popular social media platforms in use right now.

The market that’s woefully under appreciated is that of video sites. Yes, I’m talking about places like YouTube, and whatever else comes along in the near future to hopefully compete with it. Yes, you’ve probably been thinking about advertising on these places, but actually actively creating content through it, even if it’s simple, is a good idea. A competent social media expert in Perth will be able to make recommendations on short form, inexpensive content that will actually entertain and engage users, and not be interpreted as just dry advertising.

So, the thing to take away from here is that you definitely need a social media consultant in Perth, if you want to appeal to that Australian audience. However, you need to narrow your focus to the social media platforms that will still be used in a few years, the once it actually serve and honest purpose, and aren’t just a novelty that is soon going to lose its pep.

Paid Advertising on Social Media

These days facebook marketing is sought of a deadend too but having said that I still see a lot of paid advertising happening on Facebook. Facebook provides a lot of scope to create and display ads but a lot of people are also seeing their ads being banned or not approved because the platform is constantly changing or tweaking their guidelines.

Social media has been around for more than a decade now. Today it is also a powerful tool for marketing as well as a place friends connect. This is a place where businesses from all industries can connect with customers, engage in what is important to them, and taking a targeted marketing approach. This is a very effective means of retaining customers and bringing in new ones, as those loyal customers share their positive thoughts about you. But what might look like quite a simple process actually takes careful planning and someone who understands the modern and complex world of digital and social media marketing.

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