Does selecting Web Hosting to affect SEO?

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Besides making useful SEO tips for the website, choosing Web Hosting is also one of the decisive factors affecting SEO. How does web hosting affect SEO? How to choose the right hosting service? The following article, we will share for you.
Hosting is where your website data is stored. If you choose to experience hosting services at a reputable, quality provider, you can achieve your SEO goals faster and vice versa when you encounter bad services that can affect the efforts of a friend. The level of influence will depend on the website size and its overall traffic level, but bad hosting will contribute to the more severe impact.
Below we will share with you how hosting can affect your search rankings and how to choose a useful hosting environment that can effectively support SEO.

5 factors that make the choice of Web Hosting affect SEO

1. Page loading speed

Page load speed is one of the major factors that influence rankings in search engines. While it’s not just a quick loading that is enough for your site to rank, it directly affects the user experience. Using a slow-loading web hosting will lead to users feeling uncomfortable when they have to sit and stare at the rotating screen. Poor user experience will lead to high bounce rates which in turn will push search rankings down.

2. Data loss = Loss of rank

Hacking websites or data center incidents that can cause website data loss are undesirable. None of us like to think about it, but it cannot rule out the possibility of your site facing this disaster.
To protect your website and rankings from data loss, you need to have some kind of backup system. A high-quality hosting will have a backup system in place that will help you quickly recover from any of the unwanted schools above.

3. SSL certificate improves ranking

A reliable website and data security are some of the very important factors in search ranking. If your site is not trusted by Google, it will be very difficult to get a good ranking position. Similarly, for your visitors, they will not buy anything from your brand if the website is not trusted.
An easy way to improve your trust is to install an SSL certificate on your website. The SSL certificate will encrypt the connection between your server and the user’s web browser. This will allow a secure exchange of personal information. But in addition to making your visitors feel secure, an SSL certificate will also help your site improve its rankings. Since 2014, Google has acknowledged that SSL certificates are also one of the ranking factors.

4. Operational issues

No server can guarantee 100% uptime, but the better your host, the higher the uptime of the site. If you have experienced high downtime, then it is probably time to think about transforming your hosting environment. Webhostingoffer’s web hosting service can guarantee uptime up to 99%, please refer and experience.
The unstable page uptime doesn’t affect the ranking too much, but it can have a negative impact on your user experience. If a person tries to visit your site multiple times and your site is offline, they will not return. This can have a negative impact on your bounce rate and CTR from search engines.

5. Location and server performance

Another factor that affects the performance of the website is the location of the physical server. This will depend on the type of web hosting you are using. For example, if you are using Cloud Hosting then it will have no problem. However, if you are using Shared Hosting or dedicated server, the farther the distance from the server, the slower the website will load.
However, if you have a high-quality server, this will be offset through an integrated CDN and a high-performance server environment.

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How to choose an SEO-friendly web hosting

An SEO friendly server will vary depending on the type of website you run and the amount of traffic you receive. And we confirm that there is no perfect hosting option for every website style.
For example, if you have a small website that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, Shared Hosting is enough to support your site.
However, if you receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, the use of Shared Hosting may have a negative impact on the performance and ranking of the site. In that case, upgrading to VPS, Cloud Hosting or dedicated server would be best.
To find the best SEO friendly server, evaluate your web hosting options with the factors below:
1.Does hosting meet performance? If you’re unsure, take a moment to check user reviews online.
2.Does your hosting include an automated backup system or use a third-party plugin?
3.Are you able to install or purchase an SSL certificate for your website?
4. Does your hosting ensure high uptime of your website? Is there any data backup guarantee?
5.Can you choose your data center location? Or, does the hosting include an integrated CDN or a third party?
Going through the above questions will help you find a true high-performance hosting that really supports your rankings, rather than burying your website in a series of search results. In a nutshell, the Web Hosting of your choice can have a big impact on your SEO efforts. If your website is not ranked as high as you think, then maybe your hosting is the culprit.


Choosing a good hosting provider for your SEO is not difficult. In today’s market, there is no shortage of competitors offering services. So they also bring a lot of good quality for the service at a soft price.
Also, SEOs need to know exactly how hosting? Need to use your website? This SEO people need to know more than anyone. And, hosting providers play a role in the success of your website. Therefore, you should consider carefully and choose a good hosting provider to ensure the factors do not affect your SEO.
If you are having trouble or are wondering about the choice of hosting for your website, hopefully our article can be helpful for you.

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