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Best Dedicated Server Chicago – The Right Choice For Your Business in 2021


Nowadays, Business demands are at the highest peak, and to fulfill them smoothly, a business person needs robust Server hosting. The Servers are the backbone of an online business that helps to gain more traffic and successful business growth. Only making something creative and dynamic is not enough in this technological era. A strong online presence is necessary to take your business towards success.


With a Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago, you get rich resources that are power-packed with groundbreaking services. Hence, the ideal choice for your business hosting. In this guide, we will focus on Why the Dedicated Server Chicago is the right choice for your businesses.


What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a type of web hosting that rents its space for the website hosting. Unlike the Shared hosting, all the resources with Chicago Dedicated Server are entirely yours. No one can access your resources until you provide them the authority for the data access. A Dedicated Server Chicago comes with a broad range of highly reliable and flexible services that accomplish your business requirements. With increased bandwidth and high speed, you will experience the blazing-fast server speed and peak performance.


With a cheap dedicated server Chicago, you get the array of resources that are best to fulfill your business requirements. It is designed with robust hardware configurations so that it could easily handle the large websites. Basically, the business person who has a good website like an Online Shopping portal, Social Media sites, and E-commerce websites use a Dedicated hosting. It retains the business stability and attracts more users. It efficiently handles the massive traffic on websites, whereas all other hosts cannot manage traffic spikes.


Is Dedicated Server The Right Choice For Your Business

A Dedicated Server is a vast platform for hosting large online businesses. It comes with plenty of useful resources. When we talk about starting the company, then the smaller plans are best to host your site. It means most business people should start their site hosting on the shared server or VPS server. They offer an adequate amount of resources to accomplish your business requirements. Later on, when your business outgrows, you can upgrade your plans to the higher one or migrate your data on the Dedicated Server.


Dedicated Server Chicago is quite expensive than the rest web hosting but offers value for money services. If you can afford the dedicated server at your initial business stage, it becomes an excellent revenue source. It is the best and ideal platform for hosting with multiple reasons such as:


  • It provides you superior performance.
  • Better Value for Money Services
  • Easily buy the specific server hardware
  • Easy Software Customization
  • Complete root-level control
  • Compliance and Security benefits.


Dedicated server Chicago is best because it allows for:

  • 24/7 uptime
  • Blazing-fast connection speeds
  • Less risk of virus attacks
  • Maintenance on the fly


Dedicated Server Costs and Solution


When you buy the cheap Dedicated Server Chicago, you just need to know about its pricing and technical specifications that you get. Without a clear picturization about pricing, one can’t see whether it falls under the budget. It is also necessary to be aware of what resources you are getting with the current plans and what advanced services you can buy for your business hosting. Therefore, we provide the pricing of the Chicago Dedicated Server below in a Table.


Chicago Dedicated Server Pricing for first Month Plans.


Cheap Dedicated Server in Chicago
(First Month Plan)
Xeon E3-1240 v6


3.7 GHz 4 Core


16 GB DDR4  

2*1 TB HDD



100 TB $235.00
Xeon E3-1240 v6


3.7 GHz 4 Core


32 GB DDR4 2*500 GB SSD 100 TB $415.00
Xeon E-2176G


3.7 GHz 6 Core


64 GB DDR4 2*1 TB SSD 100 TB $335.00
Dual Xeon E5-2620 v4


2 GHz 8 Core


32 GB DDR4 1*128 GB SSD 100 TB $515.00
Dual Xeon E5-2680 v3


2.5 GHz 12 Core


128 GB DDR4 2*1 TB SSD 100 TB $535.00
Dual Xeon E5-2620 v4


2 GHz 8 Core


64 GB DDR4 2*1 TB HDD 100 TB $630.00



With the Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago, you will experience a guaranteed uptime for the enhanced server performance. You get highly flexible and reliable resources that ensure your site is always running up for your valuable customers. It benefits your business in multiple ways and offers excellent use of resources to generate more traffic. Therefore, you will not face any downtime issues and quickly grow up your business with this far-reaching services of a Chicago Dedicated Server.

Choose the best Dedicated server Chicago plans to host your online business and enjoy the unlimited resources.

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