CTmatador Review – Is This Broker The Right Choice For You?

CTmatador Review

On paper, CTmatador might just seem like yet another generic broker, but this is certainly not the case upon closer inspection. Many traders have cited choosing the right broker at the right time as the main reason behind being successful, and CTmatador is no different. Choosing the right broker is thus essential and so let us tell you all about this broker in particular in our CTmatador review and how you can start trading online via its services and trading platform.

Trading platform

When using a broker’s trading platform, ease of access is paramount. This feeling of easiness and familiarity is what you are bound to experience when you use CTmatador’s trading platform for the first time, as it is highly user-friendly. Moreover, traders are given access to numerous trading tools and instruments to work with, such as but not restricted to price alerts, advanced chats, and much more.

CTmatador’s clients may access the trading platform with any device, so long as there is a stable Internet connection. There are two main formats that the trading platform comes in, namely a web-based version and a downloadable one. Lastly, mobile compatibility has been added so that you can use the platform with all iOS and Android devices.

Asset index

If you are wondering about the strength and diversity of CTmatador’s asset index, we can happily tell you that there are plenty of assets to trade with. Numerous traders’ favourite assets are all here, which include cryptocurrency trading, fiat currencies, energies, precious metals, commodities, shares, indices, bonds, and forex. Needless to say, the asset index is quite diverse.

With such a wide variety of tradeable assets, it is clear that CTmatador has truly gone above and beyond to cater to traders of all kinds, backgrounds, and preferences, which is always a nice touch. No matter what you may desire to trade with, you are more than likely to find it here.

Account options

Knowing which account type works best for you can be a challenge, but CTmatador has made things much easier. Although there are multiple options to choose from, we believe that the best selection would most likely be the ‘Standard’ and ‘Silver’ options. This is because the deposit amount required to use these account types are only $2,500 and $5,000, respectively, after which you will be given access to the aforementioned asset index.

Professional traders, on the other hand, may go with the ‘VIP’ or ‘Platinum’ options. These account options may cost a bit more, but it might be worth the investment as traders will be granted access to more advanced and sophisticated tools and instruments. Once again, we only recommend these account types for seasoned veterans.

Lastly, there is also a risk-free demo account that you can try out, which would not actually cost you anything.


One of the best things about CTmatador is the safety and security that it provides. The broker realizes that we live in dangerous times, and there is hence no such thing as being too careful, which is why cutting-edge encryption software has been used to protect the traders.

Furthermore, apart from using segregated funds for the purposes of storing the trader’s money, CTmatador also adheres to all the KYC and AML policies. With this compliance, there is little to no chance that any illegal or fraudulent entity shall utilize the trading platform.


Not everyone may be familiar with the world of online trading, and even seasoned veterans do not know everything about the industry. This is why educational resources have been provided by CTmatador, which includes a helpful glossary, videos, eBooks, general news, and a useful FAQ section too. What really makes the broker stand out, however, is the CCCAGG data which can be utilized to calculate what the best estimates are for different cryptocurrency pair prices that are traded on various exchanges. To obtain precise results, the broker thus utilizes transaction data from over 70 exchanges.

Final thoughts

CTmatador is hence a safe choice that can help both new traders and experienced veterans. The asset index is strong as well as diverse, and it is easy to use the broker’s trading platform from any device. No matter how we look at it, the conclusion remains the same, which is that Ctmatador is a great broker.

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