Comparing Banner Material: Mesh, Vinyl and Fabric

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While exploring the different options available in banners, a general question arises. And that is, which would be the better choice: vinyl, fabric or mesh banner printing materials. All three banner materials are great for advertising for event planning and marketing. However, they have certain varying features that impact their functionality and durability in different settings. Therefore, choosing the correct material considering all the factors is vital. This article takes a look at the three most popular banner types, materials used, their unique properties and advantages.

How Do the Properties of the Material Affect the Functionality of a Banner?


Although all banners are functional and durable, it helps to understand how the material affects the structure of the banner.

Material Used

Even though they might be hardly any difference to the naked eye, vinyl and polyester are microscopically different. Fabric banners are made of polyester, and as the name suggests, the material forms polymer fibre strands and esters made of organic compounds. On the other hand, vinyl is a type of plastic made from chlorine and ethylene. Most of the mesh and vinyl banners use this material as it has relatively higher water resistance.


Though fabric, vinyl and mesh banners use a variation of polyester, their structure and thickness vary. Fabric banners are usually thinner and more lightweight than their vinyl counterparts. Meanwhile, mesh banners form a good balance between the two. Therefore, vinyl has the highest tensile strength, followed by mesh and finally the fabric banners.

Environmental Resistance

Due to their composition, thickness and weight, fabric banners are mostly suitable for indoor display. Although they may fade on direct exposure to sunlight over time, they are elegant and can be shifted around easily, making them perfect for interior use. Vinyl and mesh banners are more resistant to harsh weather like the sun, rain and wind. They wick away water easily without damaging the quality or the design. Hence they are mostly used for outdoor displays, and they stay for years.

Mesh Display Pattern

A mesh banner provides the transparent look of a fabric banner but has a particular mesh pattern to add tensile strength. This pattern comes from the intersecting fibres of vinyl pressed together to form an incredibly strong material. This pattern allows the air to pass through it, preventing any damage from occurring during windy conditions making mesh banners more durable.

Unique Advantages

●      Mesh Banners

Ø  They retain the integrity of the shape, size and colour for relatively longer.

Ø  They are resistant to tearing and wrinkling.

Ø  They allow wind to flow through them, preventing damage.

Ø  In the long run, they are durable and economical.

Ø  Perfect for outdoor settings in harsh weather conditions.

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●      Vinyl Banners

Ø  They are eye-catching and the most customisable.

Ø  They can be double-sided and highly versatile.

Ø  They are relatively less expensive.

Ø  They boast of the best ink finishing and hence perfect for shorter, sensitive advertisement projects.

Ø  They form the thickest and sturdiest material.

●      Fabric Banners

Ø  They have the advantage of washability due to their lightweight.

Ø  They are highly stylish and elegant, adding to the aesthetic.

Ø  They eliminate the possibility of scratches and glare finishing.

Ø  They are perfect for indoor advertisements.

Ø  They give more realistic photographic prints.

In conclusion, vinyl and mesh banner printing materials are the best choices for outdoor signages due to their versatility and durability. Knowing all the aspects of a banner can help make the right choice for the business to maximise the quality of display and avoid any dissatisfaction when put up.

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