Did You Know That Celery is Good For Your Dogs?

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Did You Know That Celery is Good For Your Dogs?

If you’re searching for a nutritious treat for your dog, celery is a brilliant choice. This tasty vegetable is high in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium, manganese, and folate, all of which are essential for your dog’s general health. This vegetable also has a high fibre content while being minimal in fat, calories, and cholesterol. It is an excellent reward if your dog is even slightly overweight or on a weight-loss programme, as celery helps dogs feel full while eating less.


Whether your dog has a weight issue or not, it is a good idea to have a puppy insurance policy in advance to be prepared for illnesses and injuries. These can happen to any pet at any time.


Now back to it – why should you consider giving celery to your pets?


Better smelling breath: If you’ve ever given your dog parsley, you’ll know how lovely their breath is afterwards. Celery gives your dog’s breath the same amount of freshness.

Lowers blood pressure: Celery is proven to help lower blood pressure. The vegetable includes phthalides, which aids in relaxing the muscles around the arteries, lowering blood pressure. In addition, celery contains magnesium, calcium, and potassium, all of which help keep blood pressure in check.

Immune system boost: Celery has a lot of vitamin C, which helps your dog’s immune system stay healthy and lowers cholesterol levels. The phthalides help enhance acid production, which helps to decrease cholesterol levels. Celery is a natural diuretic, which allows the body to get rid of excess fluids and promotes improved kidney function.

Stronger bones: Celery is high in vitamin K, which aids in the strength and health of your dog’s bones. Celery contains 95 percent water, so it’s an excellent method to hydrate a dog that has had little water during the day.

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Dogs are omnivores, but they don’t process fruits and vegetables as effectively as humans, resulting in stomach discomfort. In addition, excessive urination or even diarrhoea may result from the high quantities of water in it.


Give celery to your dog as a treat, but only in moderation. It should not be included in the dog’s usual diet. Celery can also cause choking, especially in smaller dogs. Instead, cut the vegetable into small, bite-sized pieces that may be pleasantly consumed and digested without blocking. As nutritious as it is, celery cannot be the sole source of nutrition for your dog. As long as you offer your high-quality dog food, the extra nutrients contained in celery are unnecessary.

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Here are a few fast and easy celery treats to offer your dogs in addition to plain raw celery:

  • Peanut butter with celery. Peanut butter is one of a dog’s favourite foods, and they can’t get enough of it. Spread peanut butter on the celery sticks and wait for your dog to drool.
  • Cheese with celery. Before you give this tasty gift to your dog, check sure he isn’t lactose intolerant. Cut the cheddar cheese into strips and place them in the centre of the celery. You may substitute cottage cheese for cheese if you’re concerned about the adverse effects of cheese.
  • Boil the rice without salt and cook your dog’s favourite meat without any spices. Using a low-sodium broth, combine the two and form a fine paste. Dip the celery stick in the paste for a delicious doggie treat, or add a dollop on the post.


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