Why Your Business Should Run Regular First Aid Courses

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Why Your Business Should Run Regular First Aid Courses

Brampton First Aid courses involve everything from treating minor injuries to intervening in life-threatening situations. Many businesses across the world run regular first aid training for their staff, and there’s no doubt that this has saved countless lives. If your company is yet to jump on board, here are a few reasons to get started today.

#1 It can save lives

The main reason why you should offer first aid training is to save lives in an emergency. Heart attacks, strokes, or any situation where a person stops breathing all require prompt first aid. Not everybody is capable of delivering these interventions. It takes skill and knowledge to administer effective CPR, and knowing what to do when somebody falls ill is often the difference between life and death. Having multiple first aiders on your staff roster makes the office a safer place. Employees will feel more reassured, and you can rest easy knowing that your workforce is covered if the worst does happen.

#2 It can prevent minor injuries

Following on from the previous point, first aiders aren’t reserved purely for medical emergencies. They can assist with minor injuries like sprained ankles, trips, or cuts. Minorinjuries occur with alarming frequency, so having a first aider on the premises saves a lot of unnecessary hassle. Most offices have a first aid box on prominent display, but too few actually have people on-site capable of dressing wounds or taking care of small injuries. First aid courses serve the additional benefit of flagging up common office-based injuries and how they occur. That, of course, gives you ample opportunity to make changes to your office space, making it a generally safer place to work.

#3 It’s great for team building

While first aid is undoubtedly about helping those in need, it’s also a fantastic team bonding exercise. Most courses involve some kind of group element. First aiders will train together, working as one to follow instructions and tackle mock medical emergencies. Training is in-depth but also quite fast-paced, so participants come to rely on each other, forming tight bonds. Some businesses spend vast amounts of money on complex team-building exercises. First aid courses are cheap and, in some cases, even free. You’ll get all the team-building effects with the additional benefit of maybe saving a life.

#4 It gives employees transferable skills

Despite the readily available nature of courses, first aiders are still in high demand. Most businesses want a trained first aider on-site, and even leisure centers like swimming pools take first aiders on. By offering an employee training in this area, you’re giving them a skill that they can use elsewhere, perhaps as a volunteer or even for a charity. Staff appreciate the sense that their employer is investing in their future. That, in turn, makes them more invested in the business and builds loyalty over time. First aid courses are certainly about helping those in need, but they can help anybody develop as a person.

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