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Any type of business, big or small, in any industry needs to have an attractive and functional website with a robust database to back it up. Regardless of the marketing strategies and business operational model, it would help if you got the intended customers to find your business online and deliver them with integrity. Data is considered the most important asset for any business. It is essential to have a successful database management system, which will help gain needed business insight.

In this article, we are trying to explore the essentials of business database administration and the development of functional business websites, which both will combine to ensure business success.


Setting up the database

Any point of contact in business communication can generate valuable data for business, and a lot of comes in unstructured for too. All these incoming data streams are important in analyzing the performance of a business and giving actionable insights for future decision making. There is an abundance of data available to all sorts of businesses, which they have to utilize creatively to be productive and leverage the market opportunities to the maximum. Here are the essentials of building a business database from scratch.


Auditing of incoming data

To do the auditing of your existing incoming data, you must first draw it out to understand your customer base’s structure. Through this, you also need to define your customer persona’s actual characteristics and what information they tend to share with you, which will turn out to be crucial business data. Identify what information is most essential to you, what you get as of now, and what is missing.


Structure of the data

When it comes to enterprise database management, especially using the RDBMS (relational database management systems, it is important to structure your data properly. Understanding the segments of data and properly organizing it will help you retrieve data effectively and organize your campaigns and track them at various stages of operations. Structuring your database is, however, an ongoing process which includes various types of data as;

  • The data you bring in through various contact points.
  • Sales and marketing data
  • Data generated through various campaign
  • Subscriptions and mailing lists
  • Data through social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc


Have a proper database maintenance plan

It is found that the business data may tend to decay at a rate of about 25% every year. If you have not looked into maintaining your data for a couple of years, it implies that about 50% of the data it holds is already outdated. So, you must have proper data maintenance and upkeep plans to have the most relevant and usable data in your database. You need to have a data refresher campaign run every six months or so to keep it fresh. For business database fine-tuning, you can also avail of the services of reliable providers like


Have a proper DBMS in place

The selection of the right database management system is the most crucial single step in enterprise database administration. A DBMS helps in long-term database management and will serve the essential database needs for scalability and database management flexibility. There are many options in database management systems ranging from the traditional RDBMS systems to the modern-day NoSQL and NewSQL systems. A proper DBMS of any kind based on your enterprise goals will help you to effectively manage all interactions between the business applications and your enterprise database through a user-friendly interface. Along with storing the data, a good DBMS will help you upscale it overtime and conduct many data-related operations.


Making business websites

As we discussed, the database is the backend that feeds information to your business websites and, in turn, interacts with the customers and business owners through it. Having a good website, which leverages the optimum data, is essential for any business snow. The modern-day business website no only serves as the virtual representation of a business online.

It also functions as an end-to-end platform for business operations, customer acquisition, marketing, sales, financial transactions, customer services, etc. Making a good website will surely testify to your business’s value, experience, background, and overall industrial value of a business. A website is what attest to your credibility as a successful business provider.


Creating a good website is much easier now than ever before. If you have some fundamental knowledge of web development technologies and have a clear idea about the nature of your website and its functions, one can even use the CMS platforms to weave your website readily. This does not require in-depth technical skills or knowledge of designing tools.

With a wide range of content management platforms available out there, merely anyone can now make a website, but making it the right way to attract the users at one hand and enabling it to be fully functional is the game-changer approach in website making. Some essential steps in enterprise website making are.


Define the purpose of your website

Clearly define what your website is meant for. Apart from just representing your business in front of the users, a website may need to serve several other purposes like releasing your blogs, act as a landing platform from your social media walls, a platform for selling your goods and services, as a payment gateway for online financial transactions, facilitate user activities, and also as a customer support platform.


Choose a good development platform.

When you plan to build a website using a CMS, it is important to choose the most appropriate development platform based on your unique objectives. There are plenty of free and paid choices when it comes to choosing a CMS for website development. You may WordPress for general-purpose website building and Joomla for e-commerce website making etc.

There are many customizable themes and plugins available to supplement your websites with advanced features and functionality for better business operations.

It is also very important to find a good hosting service provider in both databases and websites to ensure proper upkeep, zero downtime, and optimum security for your website assets and data stores.

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