Best Social Media Aggregator Tools Can Help In Your Business

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Best Social Media Aggregator Tools Can Help Your Business in Digital Marketing

  • Social media is impacting the lives of people in several ways, they come to get latest news, innovations, technology, entertainment, celebrities, as well as likes and dislikes of other people.
  • These platforms increase the opportunities for people to share their interest, build their own identity, and give voice to their opinions with millions of other people.
  • With these social media platforms, it helps in bringing together people who share like thoughts and have mutual trust. It helps in building connections with the people around the globe and allows them to express their feelings.
  • As technology is evolving and so many innovations are taking place regularly, social media platforms are emerging as a community where people talk about these new innovations and technology.
  • No matter how big or small the news is, people are talking over social media using hashtags, mentioning your brand, or sharing posts and videos with their thoughts.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may have different interfaces and people interact differently on each platform, but they like to use them and share their views.
  • One of the latest marketing trends that marketers are adopting is the use of user-generated content from social media platforms. As there are a plethora of shared posts with images, text, and videos, it might become difficult to filter out relevant UGC directly from the social media platform. But this is not the case, you can curate UGC in the most effective ways using social media aggregators from any social media platform.

With social media aggregator tools you can fetch user-generated content easily and use it for your brand marketing purposes.

Rising Trend Of Social Media Aggregator Tool And Its Benefits To Businesses

  • Hashtags are the growing trend in social media and why not, it helps in increasing the showing post in the relevant category and other users can easily search for your shared posts.
  • As there are millions of posts, hashtags make them different from each other and make it easy for social media search engines to separate these posts.Hashtags creates relevancy of the shared post and shows only to those people who have liked interest or history of searching similar content.There are so many benefits of using social media aggregator tool and embedding posts for your business marketing purposes:


  • It increases engagement of your audience and tells them what your existing customers are saying about you.
  • Social media posts work as social proof for your brand that is helpful in increasing trust among your audience.
  • It also builds connections with your audience as you interact with them using the real life stories of your existing customers.
  • Showing social media posts on your business website help in building trust and engagement with your new customers

In order to boost your business in this competitive market you have to use UGC on your website and develop a connection with your customers.So how can you do this? Social media aggregators will help you in generating relevant UGC from different social media platforms.

How To Effectively Use Social Media Aggregators For Business

  • Digital marketing has broadened the scope of marketing for your brand and increased the chances to grow in this digital era.User-generated content is the next strategy for every marketer to use in their campaign which also helps them in solving “trust issue” problems with their customers.Social media aggregator tools help you curate and display UGC in the most effective way and help in generating unique content for your website.
  • You have to put hashtags, mentions, and account profiles to generate relevant user-generated content. These social media aggregators compile all relevant data from social media platforms and give a simple code to display it on your website.This helps in increasing the marketing presence of your brand as well as build a strong relationship.

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Benefits of Using Social Media Aggregator

As discussed above, user-generated content is highly beneficial for business marketing purposes but to collect it you need a social media aggregator tool. If you are thinking is it important to use or you can collect directly from social media, then you should read the below points.Social media aggregator tools help your business in many ways.

Collect More UGC In Minimal Time

Collecting and embedding user-generated content directly from the social media platform consumes so much of time. You can only embed one post at a time if you do everything manually, whereas with the social media aggregator tool you can collect relevant social media platforms within the fraction of seconds. You will also embed code with all the posts on your website.

Use Analytics To Measure Performance

  • Social media aggregator tools provide you with analytics that help you can measure how these social media feeds impact your social feeds.
  • There are several hashtags and mentions that you analyse with the social media aggregator and can know from where the user created the content, how much content is available on the particular keyword, and so many.

Save Money

  • In order to create unique and engaging content you have to spend a lot of time as well as money. With UGC you can have unique content on your website or any other digital platform where you connect with your customers in most cost efficient ways.
  • If you are creating a unique content, you have to spend lots of money to pay the content writer which is also not effective and engaging, reading text has become boring for users.
  • Thus, you can use social media aggregator tools that will give you unique and effective content at minimal cost which is also engaging.

Get Rights For The Content

You cannot use content created by the users on social media directly on your website. You have to have to ask for permission from the owner of the content and only then can use it for marketing purposes.Asking your customers directly may not sound professional and they can deny you permission to share their content with you.

Social media aggregator tools help you in getting direct permission from the content creator by sending them convincing and professional forms of content by which they surely agree to share content with you.


In modern marketing, it is important to do something special so that customers get attracted towards your business.You can use user-generated content as people feel connected with the content shared by the people like themselves, not what the brand says.Social media aggregators help in saving your time, money, and extra efforts that you can do generation content manually. This is the tool for your modern marketing solutions which every brand uses for their marketing purposes.

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