Instagram Video Marketing-Everything You Need to Know

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Best Instagram Video Marketing in 2020

The marketing and business world is dynamic and fast-changing, but what remains constant for businessmen at any moment is the urge to stand out. With the increasing trends of globalization and socialization, in digital marketing Instagram video marketing has witnessed a boom in a matter of years only. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep track of every next move in the business field. After all, the last thing you would ever want for your business is to fall apart and taken over by your fellow competitors.

Instagram Video Marketing through Social Media

  • Social media has certainly become an unneglectable reality in this era of technological advancement. People have different reasons to use social media. Some use it out of interest, some use it for marketing, for some, it has become a source of income. Marketing through social media is a very practical strategy to reach out to your target audience. Among all the social apps, ever since Instagram has rolled out, people have shown a great deal of inclinationstowards it.
  • A great tool to remain in the marketing field and keeping up with the latest marketing trends is Instagram Video Marketing. Initially, Instagram was all about pictures, but gradually with the more and more people signing up on the app, a shift in the trend was observed. Statistics show people on Instagram tend to show more interest in videos than in the regular picture’s posts. But how does one weighs this fact in his/her favor? That depends on the skills and tactics he/she goesfor. But don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks for you that would be a great treat to enjoy.

Instagram Video Marketing : Tips to Run Successful Instagram Videos

Instagram marketing videos can assuredly help you promote your products. Nonetheless, there are certain tips and tricks you need to keep in mind, before running your stories. Moreover, hiring a press release agency for your business is certainly a cherry on top. But, before starting off with all the marketing stuff, read the below-mentioned tips for successfully setting up your Instagram videos.


While posting any video, make sure you use relevant hashtags. Most people tend to look for the products via hashtags, so using hashtags can get you a lot of engagement. You can add up to ten hashtags per post, therefore use this opportunity wisely to attract more and more people towards your post.


Remember diversity is the key to make your videos stand-out. Posting the same type of videos won’t make your Instagram feed interesting. So, diversifying your posts and account can definitely help you attract a large number of people. Do not forget, change always entice the audience. In such cases, people tend to share interesting stuff with their friends, hence indirectly assisting your account to grow.


Instagram posts do not get removed automatically or after a certain timeframe, but with a large number of posts your video could get lost. Therefore, it is necessary to repost your videos time and again in order to give a reminder to your audience. Posting videos once don’t suffice, you may also create a catalog using highlights. So, every time people hit your account, they could see your posts via highlights.


The more you engage with your audience, the more you get the attention. Replying to their comments, arranging some polls, and asking them for their opinion would work wonders. Posting Instagram stories is the best option to opt for to have a nice engagement with your audiences.


If you are looking towards a big hit, or have something important to tell make sure you announce that early. Announcing about important stuff earlier tends to arise curiosity among people. For making announcements, posting stories are definitely your go-to. If you are looking for something long-lasting, you can always share in-feed posts.


Statistics show live videos drive three times (3X) more interests than the videos that aren’t live. Therefore, make sure you go live every now and then. You can always make announcements about going live beforehand via stories to have more public engagement.

How Instagram video marketing could get you the most results?

While scrolling through your social media apps, you must have noticed the in-feed videos on different social platforms e.g. Twitter and Facebook. But Instagram videos differ up to some extent. Let’s take a bird’s eye view on the types of Instagram marketing videos that could drive more engagement to help you sell your products.

  • In-feed Instagram videos

You might already be familiar with these videos. These are similar to the videos you see on other social media apps e.g. Twitter and Facebook. People can like those videos, can comment on them, and share them with their friends.

  • Instagram video Ads

Using in-feed videos is a great way to engage with your audience. But Instagram video ads just works wonder. These videos are definitely your go-to for a quick and speedy outcome.

  • Instagram video stories

The most popular videos being posted on Instagram are the video stories. Since stories have a time limit of 15 seconds per story, if you want to post a long story you can just bunch them together and post as a single story.

Instagram Video Marketing : Perks of Press Release Agency

You can always generate more and more followers on Instagram, but what if that is not the audience you aim to target? What if your competitors with even less following are generating more profit? To answer these queries, you need to hire a press release agency.

There are several press release agencies out there, but you wouldn’t find the information on why should you hire one for marketing. So, here we are answering all your queries and clearing all your ambiguities. There are number of reasons to hire a press release agency, however, some leading perks you could enjoy with this agency are:

  • The press release agency aims to promote your brand among a large number of people on social media particularly the audience you aim to target.
  • You can have consistent reports and feedback on your stories, posts, and videos and therefore, you could always improve the quality of your videos/posts/products, etc.
  • With the right kind of agency by your side you can always improve the perception of your customers about you.
  • You can always have a customized PR agency to help you achieve your business goal.

CONCLUSION : Instagram Video Marketing

Right after stepping in the marketing field, it is imperative to hit the ground hard. Instagram video marketing, undoubtedly, comes with a plethora of benefits in the digital marketing world. But press releases are definitely effective to catch the public attention towards you. Therefore, Instagram video marketing when couples up with the press release agency, the results are just phenomenal to mount up your sales and revenues.

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