Best Educational Apps for Kids

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Introduction Best Educational Apps:

  • We are living in the 21st century where everything is dependent on technology, and we are not only dependent, but we are heavily reliant on technology. Living in this era made us realize that we can’t move without technology;it’s our most immenseassistance, whosoever doesn’t utilize the technology remainsbehind.
  • We all need to understand this thing that we have to change ourselves and try to fit in this era of technology which is fastest than all of us; we need to understand the trend of technology. However, we have to realize that today’s generation even can’t live without technology. So by comprehending this thing we should link technology and education together so that our children could be benefitted.
  • As we have even witnessed that there has been massive impact and influence of technology on our generation and their education. Back then, when technology wasn’t so influencing sothe acquiring of education was associated with money.But now things and time has changed drastically as now acquiring education has become easier with the help of technology.
  • Acquiring education has become easier, affordable and hassle-free. Technology has really made our lives easy and in terms of getting an education and learning, it has made parents and children’s life easy.

Why Educational Apps

  • Apps are not only for a fun purpose, but it can be for educational purpose too. There are various educational apps on the app store, which you can download for your children or children can download themselves. But then here comes the responsibility of parents to choose the right educational app for their children so that they could learn good things from them and learn in a better way.
  • If the parents, choose or download such an app which isn’t useful so the children won’t be able to learn anything good or advantageous, it will be just a waste of time for them. Making children learn through educational apps is much more exciting and interesting way rather than making children study through boring books.
  • Change is always good for children; they adapt it in a much quicker way. Boring and monotonous books should be replaced by colourful animated and enjoyable educational apps. Most children find educational apps much more engaging than books.
  • However, there are two kinds of educational apps; firstly, there are few apps which can only function when you have a working internet connection. So it means that such apps are online apps. The other apps are which is functional even if you don’t have an operative internet connection, that means that those apps can work offline too.
  • So in following, there are some educational apps collected by cheap assignment writing and presenting you, which won’t disappoint parents and student, and from the children will be able to learn a lot and enhance themselves.

Best Educational Apps List below :

  1. Hungry Caterpillar Play School:
  • It’s an exciting educational app which assists little kids with the learning of the basic education such as learning of shapes,colours,alphabets,reading of exciting books, solving interesting puzzles and learning about arts. It actually prepares children regarding the school core curriculum and the environment of learning in which kids have to study.
  • This educational app is designed in such a way that it doesn’t let kids get bored as it exquisitely designed with bright and lively colours and specially used 3D graphics for kids. This game can be played by kids who fall in the age group of 1 to 5 years. Moreover, this app is cost-free which means can be downloaded free of cost. And is supported by both the versions Android and IOS. Monthly subscription for this must download app is $ 6.
  1. Duolingo:
  • It’s not an ordinary educational app. It’s an app which teaches children about different languages. The app Duolingo has become famous for being very effective for children in learning new languages. However, it’s a great app for children who are going to attend high school.
  • This educational app is much suitable and best for children who are ten years old or more—learning new languages. Again this app is Online essay help supported by both the version android and iOS. But one thing which has to be kept in consideration is that to enjoy this app as ads-free so for that you have to buy this app and secondly for the subscription, it cost $6.99 each month. Getting this knowledge and being aware of this app isn’t enough; it should be installed for the children for educational purpose.
  1. Quick Math Jr.: We have seen that most children face difficulty in the math’s now parents don’t have to worry as quick math jr is an app which doesn’t cost anything to parents but in actual help and assists their kids. It’s such an app which engages kids in a creative manner that kids don’t feel bored or difficulty while solving maths. This educational app consists of 12 different gameswhich are regarding the numbers it’s about the simple concept. It is available and supported on both the versions iOS and Android even. And its ideals for kids who are 4 to 8 years old.

4.  Epic: this app is advantageous for the kids if parents install them and try to make their kids use this app. This app is regarding reading books.If your kid gets habitual of using this app and reading the readers through this app, it means that your child way of learning will get enhanced with the time.This fantastic app has about 35,000 kid’s collection of books so that they could binge read.

It’s ideal for 3 to 12 years old kids. It is supported by both the versions Android and iOS, and one of the best things is that it gives a chance to parents to let their kids get a free trial for at least one month so that your kids can getan idea and then you can buy it for your kids in just $ 8 each month.These are few educational apps from which parents can decide which are best suitable for their kids to be bought and to be downloaded. hope it would have helped.

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