Finding the Balance With Alternative and Modern Medicine

Finding the Balance With Alternative and Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is truly a marvel. Of course, there are problems we can’t yet solve—cancers remain incurable, and that common cold continues to thwart our best efforts. But, even so, the progress that science has collectively made on a societal level is nothing short of incredible.

However, there’s also a lot to be said for alternative or traditional medicine. After all, remedies like CBD and hemp have survived through centuries because of their benefits, even when documented science has kept up with them. So, what is a modern patient to do? It’s certainly possible to balance both modern and alternative medicine, so long as you’re careful about doing it.

Know what to use when.

In both modern and alternative medicine, there seems to be a remedy for just about everything—or at least that’s what you’ll hear people say. After all, haven’t we all encountered the well-meaning but woefully uninformed friend or family member who swears their essential oils can cure whatever chronic disease might ail you?

Your top priority when balancing modern and alternative medicine must be to know when to use which treatment option. For example, say you have a cold or are feeling a bit stressed. Drinking tea with lemon and honey or turning to lavender oil or CBD products is a fine idea, so long as you’ve discussed it with your doctor.

However, you probably don’t want to use that herbal tea or essential oil tincture to try and treat something more severe. For instance, perhaps you’ve suffered an injury to the spine. You should most definitely turn to a cervical spine specialist to treat such an essential part of the body and care for that injury. If you suffer chronic discomfort down the road because of that accident, though, you might find that a doctor-approved combination of the two is the best way to find relief.

Be open about your alternatives.

No matter what it is you’re treating, it’s critical that you disclose any natural or alternative remedies you use to your doctor, no matter what high-quality product you’re reaching for. Whether you want to try CBD oil or you’ve heard good things about a particular herb for pain relief, you should seek professional medical advice before taking anything new, if only to avoid risking allergies or interactions with existing medications or health issues. Plus, they can help you avoid misinformation (like an internet recommendation for a ”natural remedy“ that’s actually toxic) or incorrect dosages that could otherwise leave you feeling worse than you were before.

Of course, you must do your own research, too. Experts like those at CBD Nerds can point you in the right direction to find high-quality CBD products for calming an overactive mind, combating feelings of anxiousness or sleeplessness, or relieving some other ailment. Such a team of CBD enthusiasts will offer all the expert reviews you need to decide whether a new product is worth discussing with your doctor.

Try multiple options to find what works.

Alternative medicine is also referred to as complementary medicine, meaning it works alongside other treatments. Certain remedies will affect each individual human body differently, meaning something that works for you may not help someone else, and vice versa.

When you’re searching for an effective treatment, whether it’s a natural remedy or conventional medicine (and you’ve mentioned either type of option to your doctor), you may need to try a few varieties before finding the right combination that eases the symptoms in question. This can be an immensely frustrating process, but it will nevertheless be worth it when you finally find that elusive feeling of relief.

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