Best Badges On NBA 2K21 All Builds – NBA 2K21 Top Tier Badges & Badge Analysis

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Best Badges On NBA 2K21 All Builds

After doing our research and understanding NBA 2K21 top tier badges, we now know which ones you can and should not use, and we will also show you precisely what they do and the threshold. Since each badge is unique, certain badges have several thresholds.

To unlock the hall of fame for the fast first move, for example, you’ll need a 94 pace with the ball; to unlock the hall of fame for the ankle breaker, you’ll need a 94 ball power, and this applies to any badge.

So, if you’re curious about badge thresholds, which badges perform better, badge templates to use, or just want to learn more about these badges, this is the article for you to read!

– Shooting Badges –

*Deep Threes: The most significant badge we all recognize, definitely worth your NBA 2K MT. Deepthreesis the previous year’s unlimited range. To unlock the deep three’s hall of fame in this video, you must have 94 three-point shots.

Even if you have a 93 three-pointer, the most you will have is gold deep threes, which ensures you can max out your match and have a 93-pointer because at 99, as you unlock the plus four, you will enter D3’s hall of fame.

*Hot Shot: It’s one of the latest badges in this series, and it’s technically the same as deep threes, although this is a different variant of unlimited. The hot shot, on the other hand, is a whole different badge. It also increases the takeover meter after reaching jump shots, making it an insane badge.

If you make two jump goals, you will get the main takeover, so if you make three, you can have all takeovers, and if you make four, you have a squad takeover. This is potentially the most powerful badge available right now; it’s insanely sweet.

*Hot Zone Hunter: If you want to be able to fire accurately, this is a must-have badge. You must trigger your hot zone for this badge to activate. Hot zone shooter, on the other hand, simply helps you fire more accurately. It was in the game in 2K20 and 2K21 current-gen, and anyone who played those two games is familiar with hot zone hunter. This badge has consistently been one of the strongest shooting badges in the game; we highly recommend it.

*Deadeye: This is another tier-one badge in the game; the deadeye hall of fame can force you to hit more shots; we highly suggest the deadeye hall of fame. This badge has appeared in every 2K game since 2K15, so we’re all familiar with what dead eye means. It doesn’t require any further detail.

– Playmaking Badges –

*Ankle Breaker: This badge is insanely overpowered this year; if you do one snatch back, one behind-the-back ankle breaker will be allowed, and there’s another badge that cancels out ankle breaker that people will start using. However, as of right now, this badge is extremely powerful, but you must have a 94 ball control to use it.

*Quick First Step: To unlock this badge in the hall of fame, you must have a 94 pace with a ball.

*Quick First Step/Handles For Days/Unpluggable: You’re all aware of what those badges are capable of; they’re the three most critical ones. Place all three of your playmaking badge points on gold if you have nine. Place all three of the points on the hall of fame if you have 12. Those are quickly tier-one A, whereas Ankle Breaker, Ball Down, and Bullet Passer are more tier-one B.

*Bailout: This year’s Hall of Fame bailout forces you to throw precise throws instead of things that usually would. It will go out of bounds when you do pass out of bounds through shots and layups this year. However, with the bailout from the Hall of Fame, it can throw it correctly.

*Bullet Passer: This is a modern badge that hasn’t been used in the past 2Ks, so it’s a nice one. It makes nearly all of your throws not only leave your hand easier, but it also lets you throw it faster so it gets to your teammates sooner. You might be shocked that it’s tier one, but it’s just a very cool badge, and we suggest you check it out.

– Finishing Badges –

*Posterizer/Slithery Finisher: There are just three tier-one finishing badges, as you can see: Giant Slayer, Posterize, and Slithery Finisher. Most builds would have no more than ten finishing badges, and if you don’t, it’s suggested that you use Posterizer first, followed by Slithery Finisher.

Posterize will assist you in getting further touch dunks. When you don’t have a Posterize, the refinisher can kick in to make you avoid touching. These two badges will seem to contradict each other, but they fit well together.

*Giant Slayer: The last tier-one badge is giant slayer, which is excellent, but there are several 6’6″, 6’7″ point guards and even both centers are 6’8″, 6’9″, but you’re not going against 7’3″, but giant slayer would not activate as much as you would like. since they’re just an inch or two higher than you So it’s a cool badge, but the height tiers don’t count as much, so spend some of your NBA 2K21 MT on this.

– Defensive/Rebounding Badges –

Ankle Braces, Chase Down Artist, Clamps, Intimidator, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket, and Rebond Chaser are your tier one defensive/rebounding badges. They are just for guards, obviously; for centers, it’s a little different, so these are the tier one badges for guards.

*Clamps/Intimidator/Pick Dodger/Pick Pocket: These four badges are essentially the strongest defense badges in the game. Clamps are the finest defensive badge there is. If you can get it, max it out. And there’s Intimidator. Anything you can max the Intimidator on, if it’s gold or the hall of fame, you place it there, unlock Intimidator, max it out, and so you can see if it helps people take shots quite frequently. Next, choose Dodger.

If citizens use screens, there will still be a tier-one badge. Pick Dodger, on the other hand, isn’t going to be as relevant this year. Then Pick Pocket will assist you in obtaining still more steals.

*Rebond Chaser: You’re still curious why a guard. Will this be a tier-one note if you have a 6’7″ guard because while you are competing with shooting centers and want to pass to them, you can get too many offensive rebounds if they miss, at 6’7″ with high rebounding and here comes the hall of fame rebound chaser come in, it would make it difficult for the opposition guard to outrebound you?

*Ankle Braces: Finally, there’s this latest badge: Ankle Braces, which contrasts with Ankle Breaker, which is a common badge this year. Ankle braces will cancel things out here. It would significantly reduce the number of times the player is split.

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