Best Automate SEO tasks to be more effective in 2021

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Best Automate SEO tasks to be more effective in 2021

Best Automated SEO tasks to be more effective in 2021

  • Today automation is the buzzword in almost every industry. The idea to reduce boring and tedious manual work by making automation and machine learning is something being discussed everywhere. Automating SEO has become a reality, a few years ago, no one would have thought that automating the SEO tasks will be a possibility. However, digital marketing has evolved at a rapid pace in the past 5 years.
  • SEO features and strategies have also changed a lot. Automating SEO tasks is now a reality. Compared to doing manual SEO automated SEO is economical. Automating SEO tasks can make the job much cheaper and faster. It is especially effective in time-consuming tasks like website audit. Auditing SEO in large websites can be tedious, automated SEO can help you to check broken links, tags, meta tags, and keyword density, analyzing backlinks, and monitoring rankings.

Why Seo Automated Task is a reality now?

  • Deep learning and AI have a wider reach now. SEO experts have also become technically savvy, it’s expected from an SEO expert to know python, JavaScript, and API. Using the codes to generate text from images, you can code your computer system to take an image with zero text and generate an accurate description of that image. Isn’t that cool? Videos are just multiple images in continuous frames; hence they could be the next possibility. Machine Learning is not only limited to search engine optimization it is also making content writing easy.
  • Tools can now help you write in a specific tone, for a specific audience, you can choose if you want to sound like an expert or a friend.
  • Tasks involving a lot of data, like generating keywords, analyzing them are automated. Analyzing reports can also be done automatically. Content creators are still creating content however they can generate SEO friendly Index, Summary using automated SEO tools.

What SEO Automated tasks should be necessary?

  • This is a tricky yet simple, just because you can automate a lot of things doesn’t mean that its effective to do so. SEO requires analysis and some tools should be used to make it less time-consuming. The vastness of the SEO field makes it impossible to be fully automated ever. Certain Administrative tasks like site monitoring, data collection can be automated.
  • These need to be done on the go and results should be readily available for SEO experts to make decisions based on the data they receive. Automating such tasks makes sense. However, automating content creation and organic link building should not be tampered with and done traditionally. Because it may lead to low content quality and spammy links for your website which is a strict No from SEO perspective and branding of your website.

Best Automated SEO tasks to be more effective :

Tools that help in Automated SEO tasks : Let’s take a look at a few tools which help in automating tasks, which are usually boring and time-consuming.

  • SEMrush Keyword Research Tool – This tool is a great resource in advanced keyword research. Please note if you are a beginner you may use the free tool available by Google i.e. Keyword Planner. However, SEMrush is something youmust-have for your time and effort. You can identify what your competition is using as keywords and also uncover long-tail keywords on your website. It provides Keywords Analyzer and Key Word Magic tool which can be used separately and also combined for some fantastic results.
  • Traffic Booster – It is a brilliant SEO automation tool. It is based on a proprietary algorithm and helps eCommerce companies to manage their ads campaigns So that they can generate maximum sales at lower costs. The algorithm focuses on the relevant traffic and increasing your SERPs. You can find more details here
  • Ahrefs–  Ahref provides a lot of tools such as Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Site Audits, Content Explorer. It’s Rank Tracker tool is a brilliant resource for backlink Analysis. This automatically monitors your site and tracks its ranking in the search. It also provides alerts on new relevant keywords, brand mentions, and change in backlinks (addition of new, and loss of existing). This tool is a must for an SEO professional.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider – This tool is used widely in the SEO industry and very helpful in technical SEO Site Audit. Screaming Frog is a good choice to conduct audits which features include, checking broken links, analyze page titles and metadata. This is a web crawling tool that can be integrated with Google Analytics, generate XML sitemaps, perform regular crawls.
  • Cyfe (All in one Dashboards) – Cyfe acts as a one-stop shop as it provides a snapshot of key aspects of SEO, be it analytics, Ad campaigns, monitor ranking, It allows you to combine SEO and SEM metrics and you can find everything here hence you don’t need to log in and log out to manage different metrics. It is capable of providing mobile SMS alerts, push notification alerts based on configuration.

It makes complete sense to Automated SEO tasks your activities to focus on more creative and aspects of Optimization.

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