Animal Crossing New Horizons 5 Secret Details You Still Don’t Know

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Animal Crossing New Horizons 5 Secret

Today we are looking at five things you still didn’t know were a thing in New Horizons. We have now passed the nine months mark since the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons which is just crazy. The community surrounding the game is constantly grown too which is great news because it means new players are joining in every day, some of which are only now experiencing Animal Crossing for the very first time.

Anyway with this in mind, we thought it’d be fun to go over five things that you probably didn’t know were a thing in New Horizons with a particularly interesting one towards the end for those who have never time traveled. Of course it’s impossible to highlight secrets and tips and tricks and things like that every single player doesn’t know. Since we all play differently but hopefully even the experienced players will discover something new. If you want to build up a great island, collect some great Animal Crossing items.

  1. Pier Patterns

One of the most mysterious features found on the New Horizons island is of course the dock or pier, that unlike in past games doesn’t really do anything besides giving you a cool place to fish for some of those rarer creatures like the tuna for example.

Anyway, something you may not know is that the pier can in fact be treated just like the grass and sand areas, so if you find yourself decorating your pier, you can customize it even further by displaying patterns on it, which is a super cool detail that’s often missed. For example, I’ve set up a tiny fishing area here with a cool box and some fishing rods, but I can make it look a little more realistic and unique by displaying a puddle pattern on top of the pier. It’s a pretty cool little detail.

Pier Patterns

  1. Critter Unlocks

As you know, every month in Animal Crossing sees all new types of fish bugs and deep sea creatures arrive and leave the New Horizons island. This is a great mechanic and simulates the real world with seasonal critters coming and going, allowing us to catch a variety of creatures all year round and selling them for Animal Crossing bells.

However, some critters are naturally rarer than others and slightly harder to encounter. One detail that you may not know is that some creatures simply won’t spawn in until they are unlocked. For example bugs like the horned elephant, giraffe stag and horned hercules beetles aren’t unlocked until you’ve caught 100 bugs, which may explain why sometimes after hours of searching those palm trees you simply never encounter them.

The good news is it’s not 100 different bugs you need to catch to unlock these, just 100 bugs in total. So just a small detail to bear in mind if you’re struggling to find specific creatures.

Critter Unlocks

  1. Tripping Balloons

You may already know that if you wear the king top mask whilst running around you will likely trip over every few seconds, which although fun at first, eventually gets frustrating and makes it super difficult to get from a to b. But something you should know is that the king tut mask isn’t the only thing that can make you fall over. If you run around while holding a balloon, eventually you will trip over and sadly the balloon will float away, and you’ll lose it forever. Not really a big deal, but it’s very cool little detail that can easily be missed.

Tripping Balloons

  1. Dig Spots

Dig spots are of course those holes in the ground that appear whenever you dig up fossils ortrees or even that pesky mole cricket. But these dig spots feature one of the tiniest super attention to details in the entire game. Believe it or not, the dig spot actually changes color depending on what path they’re dug on, and it’s so subtle that most people don’t even notice it.

Here we can see normal grass, sand and both types of dirt paths, and when you dig a hole on each one it’s actually a slightly different color and corresponds to the path. Of course you can do it at any time of year, but it’s a lot easier to see without the snow. Anyway nothing groundbreaking or game changing, but as far as small details go this has to be the smallest. So we thought it was worth a mention because the designers definitely deserve credit for including this level of detail.

Dig Spots

  1. Bed/Messy Hair

Now Animal Crossing New Horizons features a bunch of different reactions and animations throughout the entire game, but there’s one animation in particular that some players may never see. If you time travel far enough ahead into the future or you simply don’t play for a month or so before picking up the game again, the player will wake up with messy bed hair before fixing it during a short animation.

Now if the animation itself isn’t cool enough, experience in this actually unlocks their hairstyle and adds it to your inventory to use as a permanent style, which is definitely a cool little feature. And something to remember, if you want to unlock every hairstyle in the game.

There we have it that was five details you may not have known were a thing in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but what do you think did you know all of these ,and do you have any other little details or tricks you’ve discovered that we need to know, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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