7 Ways To Turn Your Roommate into Your Best Friend

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If you think about it, your roommate is practically your family when you are away from home. Studies and jobs keep us far from home, and the rising rent everywhere basically forces people to have a roommate, and it is not as bad as one may perceive. Being with a roommate could be an enjoyable venture if only you could turn him or her into your best friend. At times, it may seem complicated when they do little annoying things, which makes you wish to earn more so that you can have the place all by yourself, but if you just open yourself a little bit, that annoying roommate could be a Rachel to your Monica.

Here are a few ways to help you extend a hand of friendship towards them, and they could not say no to it. Once you are friends, their habits won’t annoy you anymore, and they will also take care of being a better friend to you.

1 Listen to Them

First thing first, start listening to them and ask questions that will make them feel comfortable with you. You can begin by asking about their family and take it up from there. Maybe they are having a hard time or going through a difficult situation. If you listen to them, they will feel more comfortable in your company and affectionate towards you because nowadays, people tend to speak more than listen.

2 Bond over Cake

Who doesn’t like cake! It doesn’t have to be on a special occasion. Just order cake to your place from a leading online bakery in any part of the country, be it online cake delivery in Chennai, Delhi, Pune or any other city, a fine bakery, for example, won’t disappoint you. Pick the one they will like the most, or find common middle ground and share some secrets while bonding over the delicious dessert. There are cakes for any occasion with different types such as flavours, designs, colours, and person. You can take your pick depending on how plant to make the best impressions.

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3 Binge Watch Together

Pick a show which you both are interested in watching, or you can introduce them to a new shoe which you feel they will absolutely love and binge-watch together with popcorn in your hands. You will be able to talk about something together and watch it together. This will surely bring you emotionally closer to each other because you both will wait to do something fun together after a long working day.

4 Pamper Yourselves

Book a salon appointment or a spa session for both of you and allow them to unwind with you after a long, tiring week. If you find it expensive, you could do each other’s nails at home or apply a face mask to each other. Relaxing will command both of you to get honest with each other and find comfort in each other’s company. You can also invite some other girls over to meet some new people and have fun all together.

5 Dine Together

Enough of eating alone. Invite your roommate to have lunch or dinner with you and make it a habit. Either ditch the phone or find some show to watch together while eating together. Roommates that eat together cover the journey of being strangers to being friends real quick. You could also talk with each other and get to know more about yourselves.

6 Lay Down Ground Rules

Instead of nitpicking the bad habits every other day, sit down with your roommate for an hour and lay down some ground rules. This will nip it in the bud. You both will be aware of your likes and dislikes and act accordingly, making the process so much easier. Make them aware of your sleeping and working hours and learn about theirs so you know how loud you could get at the time.

7 Share the Responsibilities

Talk to your roommate and share your responsibilities. For instance, if you are doing the dishes, she could look after the washroom. It’s totally up to you both. Consider what they are easy working with and come to a solution mutually. If they are not holding up to their end of the bargain, talk to them smoothly rather than get annoyed and be passive-aggressive.

And last but not the least, learn to compromise. You would compromise a lot with your family; if they stayed with you, then why not your roommate. Let go of some things and hold your ground where it’s crucial. A slight adjustment could earn you a BFF for life.

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