7 Military Style Tips All Men Should Know

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Soldiers returning to their homes after war carried with them more than the battle scars. Also, they brought home some new styles that got invented by necessity at the time of combat. The military trends became an important part of the daily style. The reason for the success was much more than the aesthetic. A key aim is finding the military thin blue line shirt, which suits your style. Let us look at the list of tips that will help you choose the military jacket and shirt that is good for your wardrobe. You need to consider the following tips while searching for an ideal look this season.

Recently there was a wave to mix the boxy-shaped classics and lighter and sleeker lines of the high-tech gear. Here are some top military styles you must-have in the wardrobe.

  1. Keep clothes plains

As military-style jackets and shirts have got a utilitarian feel, and they look good with simple and slightly rugged clothes. Some of the prime examples are indigo jeans, workboots or brown brogue boots, shirts, and jumpers are some of the hit items. Out of these, the indigo jeans in very famous among young generation and is getting worn very frequently because of the rugged look it gives.

  1. Tactical Cap

The tactical caps are one simple way to have a low profile like the dad hat, whereas velcro panels to attach morale patches are military in origin. Look on the internet and you will find some patches covering the broad span of the subjects from the pop culture references and jingoist slogans (the latter aren’t suggested). Or you can leave velcro empty for the raw and utilitarian vibe.

  1. Chinos

Chinos are a bit versatile pants, which have evolved from the colonial military uniform and preppy classic pants. The British soldiers who were stationed in India had to wear khaki (‘dust’) colored uniforms. But, modern chino is the direct descendant of the uniform. Even the US army had khaki uniforms first in the Philippines during their Spanish and American war 1890s. Their soldiers were dressed in uniforms that were made from fabric made in China. This name stuck & pants were referred to as ‘chinos.’ When the war was over, the ex-troops resumed the studies & sported the new style of military trouser even on campus. And Chinos became an important integral part of an Ivy League, gives a preppy look.

  1. Military Green Coats

Outerwear coat is an essential military style piece and there’re two opponents this: the pea & officer coat. This peacoat is linked with marines, as well as has become the modern essential. Made popular by Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig, double-breasted cut, and matched with the sprawling, flared collar that fits perfectly nicely over the work suit.

Elsewhere, this cropped coat provides the tailored edge to a t-shirt & denim outfit. Just stick to the muted hues like black, navy, and olive for this, and camel for a bit softer. Peacoats superior is an officer coat and same in fit and details, the officer is more of the statement with the length & seething epaulets, it serves as a protection against a battery of the winters chill.

  1. Wear this every year

Most military jackets are an ideal weight for layering. You may wear over a t-shirt while around 20 degrees in the fall and spring, and a jumper when it is around 10 – 15 degrees. When it is colder, you can use one for staying warm: I love this look of a t-shirt, jumper, or shirt with the military-style of a jacket under the single-breasted coat.

  1. Black Combat Boots

Military boots are known for their heavy usage. If you are going for a long hill station tour with your friends, then these military boots will really help you a lot. Especially when you are on a trek, then climbing those hilly regions is one hell of a job. If you use normal sports shoes sometimes they won’t withstand the type of soil that you walk through. These military boots are made in such a way to withstand any type of soil and environment. Moreover, the army boots give you confidence when you walk the road because of their sturdy boot material.

  1. Tactical Military Sunglasses

The tactical military glasses are mostly preferred by young travelers. These glasses safeguard your eyes from dust and insects when you travel. Moreover, such glasses give the perfect look to your face. Even though these type of glasses are high priced, it’s worth the price.

Final Words

Military fashion is about combining the special masculine look that has ladylike details. Anyway, for people who are set to see favorite style ideas, you must again check the list and find the best thin blue line shirt.

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