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Be it a family-friendly location or an adventure destination Costa Rica fits the description. There is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy here. It is a breathtaking country full of fascinating food, flora, and fauna. It contains Mother Nature’s bounty of natural landscapes, from beaches to volcanoes.


One can lounge in a Costa Rica surf resort while learning surfing, getting a massage, and relaxing while doing yoga. The ideal time to visit is from December to April. The country is most interesting in October. It is a preferred location as it is a quick stop from the United States. With the rise in stress levels, it becomes pertinent to take periodical breaks to de-stress. Doing so can be physically and mentally fulfilling.


Look at the following reasons as to why Costa Rica is an excellent vacation destination:


  1. Beaches:

The pristine, sandy beaches of this Central American country are world-renowned. The government makes significant efforts to protect its biodiversity and water bodies. It has over 800 miles of beautiful shoreline, a boon for surfers- beginners and pro. Take, for example, the Osa Peninsula, which is perfect for surfing in the backdrop of lush forests.


  1. National Parks:

Costa Rica houses 27 national parks and has close to 5% of the world’s total wildlife population. But one should not assume it is all jungles as there are swamps, dry forests, coral reefs, and rainforests too!


Hiking is a preferred activity among tourists as they get a chance to explore the natural beauty on foot. From the Tenorio Volcano and national park, one has visual access to the Rio Celeste waterfall, which is the crowning beauty of this locale.


  1. Volcanoes:

There are more than 60 dormant and six active volcanoes in this country. These locations also carry the blessing of geothermal hot springs that have excellent medical properties and are rejuvenating.


  1. Biodiversity:

The wealth of wildlife makes this destination a must-go spot. The population of more than 50000 species includes howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, iguanas, and humpback whales, many of which are unseen anywhere else.

This unofficial hummingbird capital of the world is host to some of the most beautiful birds on Earth. It is a treat for bird watchers who want to look at some of the rare species.

  1. Adventure Capital:

There is an endless list of activities one could do while here. If the objective is to have fun outdoors, think no more and just book your flights to this country.

It has the optimal combination of thrill and beauty of the natural landscape. The activities one can indulge in while here are Scuba diving, ATV riding, horseback riding, and ziplining. When it comes to surfing, remember to choose a surf resort having all the necessary facilities and coaches. Some resorts even allow the guests to choose the level they prefer. They can set goals they would like to meet, and the trainers help them using various mediums.


  1. Food:

It is an aspect that one cannot overlook when it comes to vacations. Three or more meals a day has to be a culinary experience that lets one explore the native culture and food habits. The most popular dishes here include pejibayes, a ceviche-like dish called Vuelve a la Vida, and a sandwich called Arreglados.



It is often challenging to zero in on a place that offers a spectrum of experiences. Costa Rica surf resort takes the top spot in giving wonderful accommodation with a wide range of adventures. A trip to this country will surely be one to remember.


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