6 Effects Of Advertising On Kids

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Advertising messages affect kids negatively by twisting their beliefs on who they are and how they fit society. Children mostly believe what they see, and hence such advertisements control them both physically and emotionally. Young girls are bombarded with messages from different media and their peers since they have access to various social media platforms. Advertising to kids introduces them to violence and sexualized images due to the words used on social media.

Media affects children by persuading them to buy their products when they are still young. However it can be used beneficially as well. Sharing important information such as this through YouTube and similar websites can help raise awareness about this and many other issues. Get some YouTube subscribers to reach more people and let’s get going,  look at some of the effects of ads on children.

  1.       Develop Negative Feelings

Usually, advertisements always compare how a product is better than others. Such comparisons make children develop negative feelings by learning through such advertisements. Kids will be influenced by such commercials and hence start comparing themselves with the rest of the peers showing how superior or inferior they are. Some kids will start developing negative self-esteem or make them believe they are better than others.

  1.       Causes Obesity

Advertising is one of the effects of childhood obesity due to the wrong presentation. A portion of a particular food makes children happy or successful. Advertisements of unhealthy food such as sugar, fats, and salts make children consume much, leading to obesity. When kids are staring at the TV, they tend to be inactive, making them eat more snacks, leading to obesity.

  1.       Influence On Child Behavior

The advertisement might influence children’s risk behaviors due to smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and having sex at a young age. Children who watch sexuality-related adverts are more likely to engage in sexual activities earlier than those who don’t care. Some behaviors such as cigarette smoking may lead to substance abuse, making many teenagers smoke cigarettes affecting their health.

  1.       Influence Their Buying Behavior

Children who are primarily on their tv are more likely to demand more toys or other products. Such children might not differentiate between advertising and marketing messages, perceiving them as truth and demand for the product. The ads can stay in their minds until they become of age.

  1.       Cause Eating Disorders

In promoting beauty products, advertisements typically use young and beautiful ladies. Such women usually have fair skin, creating a belief that fair skin is acceptable and good-looking. Other promotions spread that a slim body is healthy and beautiful. In this way, children will develop a negative body image about their appearance, making them develop low self-esteem.

It can also lead to the development of disorders such as anorexia.

  1.       Lurie’s Children to Try Dangerous Stunts

With the intent to attract consumers and grab their interest, advertisements commonly employ false exaggeration. Children always believe such claims as truth and try to imitate them at home. You can avoid such by introducing your kids to something productive from internet use.

Children have talents, and they need to be natured by all means. The best solution to encourage them is to record videos of what they love to perform and share them via social media. You need to create a YouTube account that will allow you to post the content. If you need to reach too many people and gain from them, it’s good to get YouTube views for your channel. That will motivate your kid to concentrate on other issues and avoid distractive ads that might ruin their lives.


It might be hard to shield what your kids are watching, but you need to be cautious every time.  To avoid the negative influence on your kids is to educate them on more acceptable concepts of the marketing world. We hope the above information will help you make some changes to how your kids perceive advertisements they encounter daily.

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