5 Easy Tools to Create your Website

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5 Easy Tools to Create your Website

No matter what business you plan to launch, you will need a strong web presence. Since it is the digital world era, and without a successful website, you cannot promote your business. But you need not be a programmer to build and create your website. Instead, you can take the help of many affordable and almost free tools to help you. Regardless of your business’s size and expansion, you can always obtain a substantial benefit from your website.

Whether it is a matter of brand awareness or sustaining your brand identity, you must avail of the fantastic benefits of owning a well-designed website. Once your website is up and running, it can help you get your customers engaged and connected to y our updated information about your business products.

Now you can create your dream site for free by availing the following tools mentioned below. They help you save your time, money, and energy so that your ease and comfort are put on the priority.

1) Elementor:

WordPress is the king of CMS platforms with good reason. It enables users to create the most comprehensive and dynamic possible. But you also need significant coding chops to create even the most basic WordPress website. That is, unless you use Elementor.

Used by more than 6.6% of all the world’s websites, Elementor empowers just about anyone to create the website of their dreams without having to write a single line of code. You can choose from a large variety of responsive templates to fit your business’s every need, and easily customize content and design. Custom forms, and stunning popups are additional features Elementor users can leverage to increase sales.

2) WordPress.com:

WordPress.com is the first tool for creating websites, indeed. It constitutes 25% of all websites and almost more than 80 million blogs worldwide.

The Useful Quirks:

There are many reasons to claim WordPress.com as your favorite tool:

  • You can easily customize your website
  • It offers a lot of incredible features like choosing a personalized theme
  • It provides various plugins to facilitate you
  • It allows the maximum reader engagement by including a feedback form where your audience can give their precious insight and connect with you directly
  • It provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect with other bloggers and writers and help you grow your network easily
  • As you comment on other people’s posts and blogs they come to know about your web existence and hence explore your content consequently
  • It is free, but you can change your domain name for a reasonable price.
  • It is the best professional platform to publish your content and allows you much ease and comfort

3) Blogger:

For the beginner level of blogging, you can start your website with Blogger. Though it does not provide much customizability, it provides a simple platform for bloggers to start posting content related to a peculiar and exquisite niche. If you intend to earn money, you can switch on the option of monetization by using Google AdSense. The more traffic on your website, the more clicks on the advertisements on your website will help you earn. If you long for a custom domain, you can go to the Settings and opt for a custom field.

4) Weebly:

Suppose you are visually artistic and require an exceptionally designed website, then Weebly must fit your scope of selection. Weebly offers aesthetically fascinating designs for your website that work well on your laptops and mobile phone screens. Almost any average person who is ignorant of coding can now build a functional website on the Weebly platform. It can take only thirty minutes to make your website. Particularly for the small business owners, Weebly proves to be a great E-commerce website builder. It entails the DIY web building features as well as offers the option to download the website code for any future change. Another advantage is that external apps can be added to Weebly sites.

5) Wix:

Like Weebly, Wix is another user-friendly website building tool which allows neat and polished customization of websites. It is designed exclusively for writers who want to exhibit their talent in front of the world. Hence, it proves to be an excellent platform for musicians, artists, and writers with brilliant skills to present their exquisite ideas and highly creative notions. Wix can be recommended to the self-employed entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their flamboyant talent to the world by a good web design for their product or skill. You can create significant portfolios for your potential clients and customers so that your business’s growth is inevitable.

Wix websites load slower than those built on HTML code (like WordPress.com). It deteriorates the user’s experience while loading the site takes long. But otherwise, it provides all the useful features necessary for a shining and gleaming website.

6) Yola:

Yola is a website builder with its headquarters functioning in the vicinity of San Francisco. Ordinary people do not understand the features and quirks of programming and coding while building a website. So, Yola has made it easier for those who are just lacking the knowledge of coding. It is a pretty easy drag and drop system that allows users to make the desires website meticulously. Even the coding of HTML is not required while building a website with the help of Yola.

On the other hand, Yola provides reliable and trustworthy customer support, which improves its chances of success. Moreover, it offers strong SEO and marketing as well.

Which one to choose between Blogger and WordPress?

Depending on the kind of users and their requirements and scope, both work exclusively and fantastically. If you do not desire to invest a single penny and start it free of cost, then Blogger must be your choice. In case of a supported plan and some monetary investment, you can opt for the other option that is WordPress.

Detailed and meticulous website integration takes place only through WordPress. If you can work on a restricted platform, the Blogger is on the recommendation list. Otherwise, you can select WordPress. For a proper and comprehensive approach of entering the blogging market, you must consider WordPress since it is a more professional and diverse platform allowing you multiple features and insights.

Which one to choose between Wix and Weebly?

Although Wix is a great website builder with hundreds of highly customizable templates, it is suitable for smaller sites. Whereas Weebly is good for the more critical sites with expanded business, but overall, both allow free plan and e-commerce with a blog.


You first need to know your business’s requirements and scope as they need to be very clear to you. Afterward, through an analytical comparison, you can easily decide which tool suits you the best and fulfills your requirement. You need not worry about the coding part and must not perplex over your limited budget as a new website is quite possible with ease and comfort to promote your business on an extensive level. Not only you will be able to successfully launch it, but also afford its expansion with much efficiency.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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