5 Apps to Save Time and Money

5 Apps to Save Time and Money

The main resource for a person at any time was his time. It is it that employers acquire, and it is also often not enough to pay attention to their own needs or hobbies. For this reason, a modern person needs to achieve a balance between the generations of income, the costs that we make in everyday life, and the time required for both the first and the second. For this purpose, there are various applications, the capabilities of which should be discussed in more detail.

Daily Budget app

This program will be an excellent solution for those who wish to learn how to properly manage their funds. The user is required to indicate the amount of his monthly income. Next, you need to indicate the percentage of the total income that you want to save. The specified data allows you to get information about how much you can spend per day to achieve the required savings. Among the advantages of the application should be highlighted:

  • availability of reminders;
  • each item of expenditure can be supplemented with a comment.

Among the minuses, it should be noted that the application has ads, to disable which you will have to fork out for the paid version.

Monefy app

The program can be installed for free on their own devices by owners of iOS and Android. The application differs in that it is quite easy to use, so even beginners will be able to understand its work. On the main screen, you can see two main buttons with a pie chart in the center. Money transactions must be sorted by category, after which they will be displayed on the main screen. Also, the application will allow you to plan your expenses for a month, while remaining within the specified amounts. The program has convenient statistics that will help you analyze your spending. Among the advantages:

  • simple interface;
  • lack of unnecessary options;
  • the ability to export statistics for viewing on other devices.

Additional features require an advanced version, which you will have to pay for.

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Wallet app

The developers of the program distribute it for free for iOS and Android. As in the case with the previous version, the program has a pleasant and intuitive interface, so that you can easily change the settings and make it convenient for a particular user. With built-in options, you can organize your budget, both personal and family. The program allows you to use multiple accounts on one device. The application additionally provides an assistant that explains the main functions, and also helps to enter the initial information. Among the pluses:

  • the application allows you to synchronize the activity on bank cards with statistics;
  • planning a budget using goals;
  • access to current exchange rates.

The downside is that in the application you cannot view goals in several currencies at once.

Spendee app

Free for iOS and Android is one of the main advantages of the application since it simply does not have pro-accounts and other options that you have to pay for in other programs. At the moment, the application offers to work with three sections, including statistics, budget, and transactions. The user has access to a convenient planner that allows you to track payments. It can help you pay utility bills on time and make other regular purchases. The advantages are:

  • planning expenses by category;
  • maintaining joint accounting.

The downside is that the application does not allow you to link multiple wallets to one account.

Money Manager app

When you start the program for the first time, you will notice that it has a rather complex interface. Its advantage is the variety of functions, which makes Money Manager a leader among similar programs. In the application, you can synchronize the expense with your account to view the data on other devices. You can also add receipts and set categories for purchases. As a result, the program will generate extended statistics. The free version for iOS and Android has all the necessary tools to help you save personal time as well as cut your costs. Money Manager lets you control your spending by checking your plans to notify you if your limit is being exceeded. Plans can also be reused next month.

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