4 Common PC Issues and Their Solutions

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No one can deny that computers play a crucial role in helping us carry out our work-related (and other) tasks. In recent years, there have been many significant advancements in software and hardware components of computers. Subsequently, desktop and gaming computer markets have proliferated all over Australia, and among all the places, Melbourne has some of the best computer stores that have been serving people for as long as since 1995. From cheap desktop gaming PCs to high-end ones, Melbourne has it all.

However, when you frequently use a computer every day, there will come a time when you will inevitably run into some technical issue. This is where the tech shops offering PC repairs in Melbourne come in handy as the experts solve all PC issues in a short time.

Although it is best to avail of professional help for frequent PC problems, you can sometimes try to solve them on your own. So, here are some of the common PC problems you can try solving on your own:

1.    PC Working Slowly

Sometimes, you will notice that the applications you use regularly are performing very slowly. They will not open as quickly as they did earlier. And the most common cause of this is a problem with the operating system. For example, fragmentation of your computer’s C drive typically results in this.

You can solve it by conducting a basic software clean-up. Do a system check from your Task Manager to find out those applications that are occupying the most space in your CPU and RAM.

2.    The Computer Screen Goes Blank

If you notice that your PC tower is working, but your computer screen is blank, then there is a problem with the connection between your screen and the tower. In order to resolve this, check whether the monitor power cable is firmly connected to a plug socket. After that, check the cables that go from your tower to the monitor.

These kinds of issues arise due to poor connections. And If you can’t fix the problem on your own, it’s best to take your PC to a shop offering PC repairs in Melbourne.

3.    Noises Coming From the Inside of Your Computer

Sometimes you may start to notice clicking noises from your PC, and this could be a sign of a hardware failure. These noises may indicate several issues, but most likely, they result from the cooling fans’ rotary functions.

If you find that this problem is due to the cooling fans, it is good to change them. These fans are not expensive, and you can change them using a screwdriver. Meanwhile, apart from cooling fans, other areas that you should examine are CPU fans, graphics cards, and power supplies. However, unlike cooling fans, replacing them can be a bit pricier.

4.    Constant Freezing

Computers carry out numerous processes every day, and their internal processes are so complex that only a person who is thoroughly educated on the topic can completely understand them. The various processes that they carry out can sometimes freeze them, and they will thus not be able to execute the commands that you give them.

Normally, you can resolve this problem by rebooting your system. And if you constantly experience this issue, the problem may be insufficient system memory, corrupted files, or registry errors. So when this problem strikes, checking every one of them separately is the right course of action.

Actually, a normal PC user can’t resolve all PC issues. And if you find that you are unable to fix the errors on your own, reaching out to a professional is unavoidable. There are many things that can affect a computer’s software and may bring error codes. Unstable internet connection and other things can bring error on your computer system.

In this article, we learned some common technical problems in computer system and how you can get rid of them. We hope our content was helpful and beneficial.

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