10 Popular Color Trends in Furniture Shops

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Most therapists say that colors have a great impact on your psyche. That is why it is essential to select the best colors for home décor. For furniture, new trends are coming every day. Homeowners like to try new colors, designs, and shapes. So, you will find many types of pieces in furniture shops. Also, each piece will differ from others.

Moreover, people like to try bold colors for their home décor. In the same way, bold red, blue and green sofas are there. From neutral and earthy colors to black and purple, you will see variety in all of them. Well, 2021 is the year you can experiment with your interior. The contrasts are also taking a new turn.

From trends all over the world, here is the list of most popular color trends in furniture:

  1. White and others
  2. Shades of pink
  3. Yellow cream
  4. Shades of mint
  5. Hazelnut
  6. Hints of green
  7. Warm gray
  8. Luxury colors
  9. Neutrals
  10. Classic wood color

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1. White and others:

Well, white can complement any shade at any place. It is the color that enhances other colors. So, white paired with other shades is trending these days. In old times, people used to avoid having white furniture. But now, when you visit furniture shops, there are plenty of items in pure white. Moreover, you can create a black and white or a blue and white theme for your living area.

2. Shades of pink:

For this season, nothing can beat the soft look of pink color. Nowadays, it is not only for kids or girls. You will find shades of pink in wooden furniture. Also, you can mix and match light pink with any other dark tone. It will give a bright and fresh touch to your place. So, a cozy couch in a light pink tone can lift your mood.

3. Yellow cream:

If you want to expand the look of your place, go for a yellow-cream sofa set. This shade is a breath of fresh air for any area. Also, it looks naturally bright. Moreover, the natural light coming from the window will add grace to the furniture. This vanilla color is there in many home interiors.

4. Shades of mint:

Well, mint is a color that relaxes your mind. It also calms your nerves. Such beautiful colors in furniture give a homely feel to your home. So, the shades of mint are best for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Also, they add space and flow to your place.

5. Hazelnut:

Hazelnut is a natural brown shade. Also, it has a wooden texture. In this way, you cannot deny its natural beauty. So, a light brown shade will give an antique touch to your place. Also, it goes well with neutral color walls. In this way, you can make your space look wide by using light brown pieces.

6. Hints of green:

So, the trends of green will continue this year too. Green has been in the kitchen, bath, and living rooms for the past two years. There are many shades of green in home décor. But, the most popular one is the gray-green shade. The mix of gray and green looks stunning on a cozy couch. Also, a gray sofa in front of a light green wall looks perfect. it makes your place look bright and fresh.

7. Warm gray:

Gray is a top choice for most homeowners. You will find many gray pieces in modern furniture shops. It is the color that gives your place a cozy and warm feeling. If you want a stylish but relaxing space, go for gray furniture. Also, you can create a whole gray living area. Or, you can create a contrast with any other shade. Moreover, it covers the dust so well.

8. Luxury colors:

For a luxury touch, add some rich color to your place. You can have gold metallic furniture with black or purple cushions. In addition, place a glass top center table in your living room. These things with dark and classy colors can add luxury to your area. Also, you can select a glossy finish to add a lush look to your furniture.

9. Neutrals:

While all the colors are there, neutrals can never leave the trends. The earthy colors like brown, beige, gray, and blue can bring a natural touch to the interior. Many people still prefer these neutral colors in furniture. Also, you can truly relax in your bedroom with these natural shades. Similarly, you can add light-toned blankets to give a more comfy look. For this, select light wooden pieces with no paint or finish.

10. Classic wood color:

No doubt, there is so much out there in the home interior. All the trending colors have their class. But, nothing can beat the look of classic wood color. The look of dark wood is suitable for any home interior. It is not only about the traditional style. But, classic wood comes with many tints. The texture may contain hues of red, orange, or yellow.


With the ever-changing trends, it is hard to keep track. But, you can find all such colors in furniture shops. So, you can add rich tones to your place by picking any out of these. Also, you will see more gray, green, pink, and white this year. But, neutrals are always the best option to give a natural touch to your living area. Check out the latest collection of AVRS furniture for more variety.

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